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Name of Item Pic Price What it does
Angel Feather 24 Used to exit the Labyrinth.
Barrier Ring 7800 Casts Quick 3.
Cell Key 1000 Used to open Cell Doors.
Dark Block 4500 Trader can make the best equipment from this, but all the items are cursed.
Depoison 15 Used to remove Poison.
Dwarf's Key 300 Used to open door to Cave of Strength.
False Idol -- Used to open Cell Door in Cave of Truth to fight Doppler.
Forbidden Box 6000 Has various effects in battle.
Healer Fruit 100 Restores around 70-80 HP.
Heal Ring 9000 Casts Heal 3.
Herb 12 Restores around 20-30 HP.
Herb Water 2200 Used to revive fallen allies.
Holy Water 8600 Used to remove Cursed items.
Magic Mirror 3500 Used to reflect magic spells. Reflect lasts 1 round.
Magic Ring 12000 Used to restore around 20-30 MP.
Map 1 500 Shows trap floors in the Cave of Wisdom.
Map 2 505 Shows more traps in the Cave of Wisdom.
Medallion 1800 Place half in a Gold Fountain, and use the other half to teleport back there.
Miracle Herb 8000 Revive a defeated character with full health and magic.
Mithril Ore 4000 Trader can make excellent equipment from this.
Mystic Rope 400 Stand under a pit and use the rope to climb up the pit to the upper floor.
Orb of Truth 1500 Use to reveal Grim Walls, or the false Alter in the Cave of Truth.
Rune Key 500 Used to open the Stone Door to the Cave of Wisdom.
Smelling Salts 30 Used to cure paralysis.
Vial of Tears 1000 Use to awaken the Water Spirit.
Wisdom Seed 8 Shows a map of the level you are on, and where you have already been.

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