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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking Gens save states in Shining in the Darkness. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the LAST two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second-to-last spot (which would be the first spot if there are only two offsets), and the last two in the last spot. For numbers that take 5-6 digits, put the first two in the 3rd to last spot, the second two in the second to last spot, etc.
For example, let's say you want 500,000 Gold. That would be 7A120 in hexadecimal. There is room for 8 digits to put in the money. But you must put the last two digits in the last two places, the last two digits of the hexadecimal are 20. Before the 20, put the second-to-last two digits (A1), then the first two before the A1 (07...since you must always think of there being an even number of digits). So, you'd enter 0007A120. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


3B1C-3B1F Gold

Hero's Stats
3978-3979 Defense
398A-398B Speed
3990-3991 Luck
3B20-3B21 Current HP
3B26-3B27 Current MP
3B2C-3B2D Max HP
3B32-3B33 Max MP
3B38-3B39 Attack
3B4A-3B4B IQ
3B50-3B51 Level
3B56-3B59 Experience
3B62-3B71 Items
3BA6-3BA9 Status

Milo's Stats
397A-397B Defense
398C-398D Speed
3992-3993 Luck
3B22-3B23 Current HP
3B28-3B29 Current MP
3B2E-3B2F Max HP
3B34-3B35 Max MP
3B3A-3B3B Attack
3B4C-3B4D IQ
3B52-3B53 Level
3B5A-3B5D Experience
3B72-3B81 Items
3BAA-3BAD Status

Pyra's Stats
397C-397D Defense
398E-398F Speed
3994-3995 Luck
3B24-3B25 Current HP
3B2A-3B2B Current MP
3B30-3B31 Max HP
3B36-3B37 Max MP
3B3C-3B3D Attack
3B4E-3B4F IQ
3B54-3B55 Level
3B5E-3B5A Experience
3B82-3B91 Items
3BAE-3BB1 Status

Milo's Magic Levels
3B92 Heal
3B93 Detox
3B94 Blast
3B95 Quick
3B96 Burst
3B97 Screen
3B98 Revive
3B99 Desoul
3B9A Vision

Pyra's Magic Levels
3B9B Slow
3B9C Blaze
3B9D Sleep
3B9E Freeze
3B9F Bolt
3BA0 Muddle
3BA1 Boost
3BA2 View
3BA3 Egress
3BA4 Peace
3BA5 Heal


Note that items take up 2 offsets in the savestate, not just one. The first offset should always read "00". The second offset is the value listed below.

Items and Equipment

FF Nothing


00 Bronze Knife
01 Short Sword
02 Sword
03 Long Sword
04 Broad Sword
05 Fire Sword
06 Storm Sword
07 Light Blade
08 Dark Blade
09 Dream Blade
0A Bronze Saber
0B Steel Saber
0C Battle Hammer
0D Mithril Axe
0E Ice Saber
0F Dark Scimitar
10 Short Axe
11 Battle Axe
12 Double Axe
13 Greath Axe
14 Mithril Sword
15 Wood Staff
16 Flail
17 Morningstar
18 Fire Staff
19 Ice Staff
1A Mercy Staff
1B Enduro Staff
1C Doom Staff
1D Mithril Rod
1E Wooden Club
1F War Hammer
20 Bronze Lance
21 Iron Lance
22 Steel Lance
23 Short Spear
24 Long Spear
25 Bull Whip
26 Thorn Whip
27 Steel Whip
28 Hex Whip
29 Great Flail
2A Super Flail
2B Doom Blade


2C Wood Shield
2D Dark Armor
2E Frost Armor
2F Thunder Armor
30 Sun Armor
31 Cotton Robe
32 Woven Robe
33 Fur Robe
34 Worn Robe
35 Straw Robe
36 Hemp Robe
37 Leather Robe
38 Light Robe
39 Magic Robe
3A Dark Robe
3B Leather Armor
3C Chainmail
3D Breast Plate
3E Bronze Armor
3F Iron Armor
40 Steel Armor
41 Mithril Armor
42 Light Armor
43 Bronze Shield
44 Iron Shield
45 Steel Shield
46 Leather Shield
47 Light Shield
48 Dark Shield
49 Mithril Shield
4A Elven Hood
4B Cloth Hood
4C Woven Hood
4D Fur Hood
4E Magic Hood
4F Dark Hood
50 Mithril Hood
51 Leather Helm
52 Bronze Helm
53 Iron Helm
54 Steel Helm
55 Light Helm
56 Dark Helm
57 Mithril Helm
58 Royal Tiara
59 Magic Shield
5A Magic Mail


5B Herb
5C Depoison
5D Angel Feather
5E Wisdom Seed
5F Dwarf's Key
60 Rune Key
61 False Idol
62 Cell Key
63 Mystic Rope
64 Tamayoshi
65 Mithril Ore
66 Heal Ring
67 Barrier Ring
68 Magic Key
69 Dark Block
6A Magic Mirror
6B Herb Water
6C Forbidden Box
6D Holy Water
6E Healer Fruit
6F Smelling Salts
70 Orb of Truth
71 Vial of Tears
72 Medallion
73 Map 1
74 Map 2
75 Miracle Herb
76 Main Gauche
77 Madu
78 Earth Hammer
79 Shock Box
7A Ogre Flute
7B Black Box
7C Gauntlet
7D Glass Armor
7E Demon Staff
7F Nothing

80-FF is the list repeated, but these values will make the item be equipped. So, if you want to equip something, enter a value exactly 80 higher than the number listed.

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