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Knights Weaponry

When using a Knight/Paladin/Pegasus Knight, it is always wise to have a throwing weapon in their inventory. If you buy a Lance that is stronger than a Spear, keep the Spear, but if you buy a Spear that is stronger than a Lance, sell the Lance. Reason being is that sometimes you will need the distance that a Spear can give.

Master Monks

Master Monks have the same healing power as Priests and Vicars, but are much stronger. There are 2 Vigor Balls in the game for the 2 Priests. Both Sarah and Karna should be made into one. When you get Karna, just hold off on Promoting her until you get the 2nd Vigor Ball.


Sorcerers are a Wizards that summon Gods to attack. With the Spell Book, you can promote Kazin or Tyrin to a Sorcerer. Kazin is a better choice, as Tyrin learns Blaze, Freeze, and Bolt, while Kazin just has Blaze.


Like with Master Monks and Sorcerers, Barons are another optional Promotion. Barons are not much different from Gladiators, except they can use Swords and gain +1 on their MOV. You can promote Jaha and Randolf to a Baron. Jaha would probably be the better choice though he is a bit weaker than Randolf, his defense is far greater and defense is what it is all about.

Pegasus Knights

This is a worthless class. You get the Pegasus Wing too late in the game for it to even matter. The only thing they can do is fly, which can be good, but you have Peter, Luke, and Skreech for that. If you still want one, the best one to make would probably be Eric, as he is the last Knight you get.

Brass Gunners

Brass Gunners are another worthless class. While their defense and attack may be a bit higher, their MOV and agility are low. Just stay away from them.

The Best Shining Force

There are a total of 30 characters in the game, but you can only have 12.

Your team at the end should look like this. Bowie, Sarah, Kazin, Slade, Peter, May, Gerhalt, Rick, Karna, Janet, Sheela, and Lemon. At least that was what mine was.

Special Mode

At the Sega title screen, press U, D, U, D, L, R, L, R, U, R, D, L, U, B on your pad. Then press and hold Start until you choose the game you wish to continue. You will hear a fanfare when the code is entered correctly. You can choose toggle the Special Turbo, Enemy Control, Auto Battle, and Complete Game modes.

Rename Characters

After you name the main character, highlight "end" and hold A and Start. Another character will appear for you to rename. Keep doing this until all a renamed.

Repair broken item for free

Simply place the item in the caravan and take it out again and it will be repaired.

Cursed Weapons

If you equip a cursed weapon in this game, you'll be won't be able to un-equip it. The only way you can is by either paying a priest to do it, or casting a high-level DETOX spell. If you un-equip and re-equip the weapon though, the curse will come back again.

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