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Mithril Locations

Place Picture Specifics
Ancient Tower Before you enter the Ancient Tower, walk around to the back of it. (Roughly) position yourself so that you're inbetween the two windows, then hit Up and search the area.
Granseal Field After the 2nd battle, search the mountain that sticks out near the Holy Sword Shrine.
Galam Castle As Slade opens the hole, fall down it and go straight up and search the wall.
Granseal During the Earthquake, search the hole right near the right side of the castle for a piece of Mithril.
Ribble In the sand pit in the town of Ribble.
East Paramecia After battle #10, cross the bridge to the east and search the mountains where the pic shows.
Hassan Inside barrel on the docks.
  Inside chest (find opening in fence)
Elven Town Inside chest in southeast corner.
Creed's Passage In the middle of the hidden path leading to the other 3 chests, there is a hidden path leading town to a lone chest containing a Mithril.
Devil's Tail On mountain on northeast side of devil's tail.
Pacalon Castle Go to the top left room. Look outside for a bundle of rocks. Those indicate a secret passage to the stairs leading down to the room with the Mithril.
Pacalon Field After battle #27 when heading to Tristan, a piece of Mithril is on the peak of the mountain.
Mitula's Shrine Inside chest on right side of shrine.
Sheela's Dojo Inside chest at lower right part of Sheela's dojo (weave through trees)

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