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Item Locations

Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Healing Water Taros' Shrine Inside chest
Ketto Inside Barrel in Weapon Shop
Dwarven Town Inside chest on lower hill
Galam Inside chest in treasury
Healing Rain Creed's Mantion Inside chest outside mansion
Fairy Woods battle Blue Shaman carries it
Final Battle Blue Shaman carries it
Fairy Tear North Cave Inside chest.
Battle #38 (no pic) Evil Bishop Carries it
Battle #40 Evil Bishop Carries it

Stat Boosting Items

Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Brave Apple Creed's Passage Inside middle chest
Sheela's Dojo Inside Vase
Bright Honey Ribble Vase in southwest house
Ketto Inside Barrel in southwest house.
Cheerful Bread New Granseal Castle Inside Barrel
Pacalon Inside Vase in eastern house
Power Water Holy Sword Shrine In the chest at the lower level.
Ancient Tunnel Inside Chest
Mitula's Shrine Chest in left room
Protect Milk Polca Village Inside barrel in house unter cliff.
Tristan Cavern Inside chest on top floor.
Quick Chicken Granseal Boat Inside Barrel
Yeel In chest under the church (2nd visit)
Running Pimento Hassan Inside Barrel in abandoned bar
Moun In Vase underground

Promotional Items

Name of Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Pegasus Wing Pacalon Castle Go down right hand side on blue carpet from throne room. Search the wall
Silver Tank Cavern of Darkness Inside chest
Secret Book Elven Town In bookcase upstairs
Vigor Ball Elven Town In hidden chest at northwest corner in woods
Sheela's Dojo In tree near the pool
Warrior's Pride New Granseal Castle Search the shield on the wall at the training base

Battle Items

Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Blizzard Battle #24 Dark Bishop carries it
Roft Inside chest near lower left corner
Holy Thunder Battle #39 Minotaur carries it
Shining Ball Battle #19 High Priest carries it

Important Items

Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Arm of Golem Moun Disappears and reappears in different places.
Cannon Dwarves Cave Given by dwarves once sick dwarf is healed
Cotton Balloon Desktop Kingdom Given by King Ponpei after winning chess battle
Dry Stone Dwarves Cave Inside the burnt out fire
Dynamite New Granseal Talk to Astral (once you have cannon) and then to the man near weapon shop
Jewel of Evil Ancient Tower After battle #7, Bowie steals it from King Galam
Jewel of Light Galam Castle After battle #5, soldier hands it over
Sky Orb Nazca Defeat Camela and she will give it to you
Wooden Panel Ancient Tunnel Inside Chest at the top.


Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Black Ring Battle #26 Dark Bishop carries it
Evil Ring Battle #39 Evil Bishop carries it
Power Ring Battle #10 Witch carries it
Protect Ring Battle #21 Dark Madam carries it
Quick Ring Bedoe In vase on 3rd floor
Running Ring Creed's Mansion Behind chair near Desktop Kingdom
White Ring Dwarven Town In chest on top of upper hill

Cursed Weapons

Item Pic Place Picture Specifics
Dark Sword --- (no pic) Lemon comes equipped with it
Demon Rod Dwarven Town (no pic) Inside Vase near Blacksmith
Evil Axe Holy Sword Shrine Inside blocked chest on top floor
Evil Knuckles Yeel In chest in Yeel tunnels
Evil Lance Devil's Head Search back of head before opening mouth
Evil Shot Galam Search bottom bush on left near top gate.

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