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Ganon's Tower

Now that you have everything (hopefully,
you have. If not, go back and get what
you have missed. Also, make sure that
you have 4 Fairies in your bottles), go
west from Turtle Rock to Ganon's Tower.
Zelda's Crystal will emerge and with the
power of the other maidens, will break the
barrier to Ganon's Tower. Enter.
Go down the stairs to the left. Dash into
the torch to drop the Key. Grab it and
go left. Smash the Moles all the way
around and push the middle block to
reveal a Star Plate. Go left. Hookshot
your way down. Unlock the door to the
right and grab the Map. Go back and
switch the orb to Blue, the bomb it to
Red while on the other side.
Grab the Key at the lower right side.
Bomb the outside of the orbs to prevent
a double switch. Unlock the door and
continue. Switch the orb to Red and take
the Warp. Make your way left and push
the lone block. Hookshot over to the chest
and grab the Key. Unlock the bottom
Take the left warp and make your way to
the lower left warp (as seen in the pic).
Walk right and take the next 2 warps.
Take the door on the right. Go up the
path. Remove the upper jar and go up.
Light the torch with the Fire Rod to
show the glass floor. Hookshot over to
the jar and quickly walk the path to the
door. Bomb the lower right crack and
fall down the hole.
You will face the Armos Knights again.
This time it is easier. All it takes is one
shot from the Silver Arrows to kill it. Once
defeated, take the upper door to grab the
Big Key. Return and go left and up the
stairs. Push the block and grab the big
chest containing the Red Mail. Head back
to the first floor and up the stairs to the
2nd floor.
Shoot the 2 Goryias with a Silver Arrow.
Make your way left and push the upper
block to open the door. Shoot the
2 Goryias in the next 2 rooms to continue.
Unlock the big door. Go down the ladder
and change the upper orb to blue. Kill
the Goryias and press the button under
the jar. Enter the door on the right and
run across the bridge and up the stairs.
Kill the monsters in every room to go on.
Eventually, you will come to a room with
Lanmolas. Kill them the same way as last
time. Continue on up and up the stairs.
Use Ether to show the hidden floor. Kill
the 3 Wizzrobes to go on. Run across the
bridge and up. Kill the 4 Wizzrobes and
run across the next bridge. Enter the
door on the right. Light the 4 torches and
quickly enter the right door. Go up the
stairs while avoiding lasers.
Starting from the upper right torch, light
them quickly with the Lantern to open the
door before the floor falls. Kill the
Helmasaurs to get a Key. Open the door.
Time a bomb just right and throw it to the
moving sand. If timed right, it will blow up
the wall. Enter the hole it blew up. Grab
the chest in the middle to get the Key.
Unlock the door.
Jump into the arena and make quick work
of the Moldorm. 2 Spin attacks will kill
it. Hookshot over to the chest it reveals
and go left through the door. Go up the
stairs and open the Big Door at the end
of the Hallway.
You will meet Agahnim again. This time,
he splits into 3 parts (ghosts). The strategy
is the same, and this time, no lightning
attacks. Reflect magic back to him a
few times and he will die for good. The
spirit of Ganon will appear and Fly out.
The Flute plays the the bird flies Link and
follows Ganon to the Pyramid, where he
has mad a nice hole on top. Make sure
your HP and MP is full before dropping
After a long speach, Ganon will attack. He
will first just throw his trident. Keep slashing
him. He will then surround himself with
fire birds and send them at Link. When he
jumps to remove the outer area, get the
Fire Rod ready. When the Lights go out,
light the torches, slash Ganon, and shoot
him with a Silver Arrow. Keep doing that
until he dies, relighting the torches when
needed. Enjoy the ending as you finally
find the Triforce.

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