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Turtle Rock

Make your way to the top of Death
Mountain (the easy way is to go to the
Tower of Hera and cross the bridge to
the east). Go as far east as you can and
lift the black stone. Pound the right, upper,
and left stake (in that order) to open the
warp to the Dark World. Use Quake at
the symbol to open the door to Turtle
Rock. You might want to take this time to
get a Green Potion. Enter.
Pick up the Magic Bottle and use the
Staff of Somaria to make a platform where
the ? is. Ride across to the door. Do the
same thing and ride left and take the first
door going down. Go down and grab the
Compass. To get out of this room, charge
a Spin Attack facing down and walk up
(going backwards).
Ride to the upper right room (going right).
Get a platform and ride it down. Get the
Fire Rod and light the torches. This is
tricky, and it may take some time. There
is no REAL strategy to this. Light them
all to open the door leading to a Map and
a Key. Head back to the middle room and
unlock the door at the upper left side. Kill
the bouncer to get another Key. Unlock
the door.
Switch the orb to blue and push the block
on the left to reveal a chest with a Key.
Watch out for the Chain Chomp. Unlock
the stairs and go down them. Go to the
lower right corner and climb the ladder.
Take the pipes to the next room. Take
the lower pipe to the next room to the
left. Kill all of the monsters to get a Key.
Unlock the door.
Take the pipe and grab the Big Key. Take
the other pipe back to the room on the
right. Retrace your steps to the lower
right corner and take the pipe back to the
left room. This time, take the upper (left)
pipe to the lower left room. Kill the
monsters to open the doors. Take the
bottom door and go left.
This part is going to hurt a bit. Bomb the
lower wall, which will lead outside. The
painful part are those laser eyes on the
wall. Quickly bomb the wall and exit to
the outside. Go right and take the door
going back in. Use the Staff of Somaria
to bridge the gap to the Big Chest with
the Mirror Shield! Go up and unlock
the Big Door. Take the Pipe to the next
room. Bust down the upper door and
go on.
Switch the orb to blue and grab the Key.
Unlock the stairs and go down them. Use
the Staff of Somaria to make a ride. Ride
right and down a few times to the button
under the jar. Press it and ride your way
to the bottom door. Run down the bridge
and take the bottom door. Go to the
lowest chest to get a Key. Go back up
to the previous room and open the locked
Switch the orbs colors using the Beam
Attack or the Boomerang. Make your
way up and go down the stairs. Make a
ride and grab the magic container to fill
your magic (which you will need). Enter
the Boss Room and face the Trinexx.
Get out the Fire Rod and attack the Blue
head when it is hung out. It will freeze and
can be attacked. A few attacks with the
Golden Sword will kill it. Do the same thing
with the Red Head and when both are
killed, the shell will remove and the main
body will come out. Attack the middle
section and it will soon die out. Grab the
Heart and the Crystal (which holds Zelda).
Listen to her words and now you are ready
to face Ganon.

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