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Misery Mire

From the Light World, play the Flute and
fly to the Western Desert. Lift the right
Black rock for a warp to the Dark World.
Go directly north and to the middle area.
You should see on the ground the symbol
of a Lightning Bolt. This also resembles
the Ether spell. Use that and watch the
entrance pop up from under the water.
Enter the Misery Mire.
Hookshot across the pit and go down
the stairs. Be careful of the Wizzrobes.
Kill all the monsters to open the door. The
next room will be called the Main Room.
Go up the northeast ladder (the one you
can access at this time). Go through the
door and push the block in the middle to
the side. Go through the door and go
straight up until you reach the chest with
a Key inside.
Go back to the room where you pushed
the block to the side. Push it forward and
go through the door on the left. With the
Cape equipped, push the button under
the skull in the middle of the spikes to
reveal a chest with a Key. Also grab the
key under the jar in the upper left corner.
Unlock the upper door.
Go through the upper door. Follow the
bridge up and left. At the end of the bridge,
go to the upper left side and switch the
orb to Blue and grab the Key under the
jar. Go back to the bridge and keep going
down past the spike floor room. Grab the
Map from the chest and exit to the left.
You should be back in the main room. Go
up the upper left ladder and onto the wire
floor. Press the button under the jar to
reveal a chest with a Key. Go back down
and unlock the lower left door. Kill the
Buri to get the Key. Unlock the door to
the left (making sure that the orb is blue).
Light the 4 torches and go up to get the
Compass. Go down all the way and up
the stairs.
Push the two outside blocks in and the
middle block up to open a hole to the
torch. Do that for the 2 in that room, and
the 2 in the next room. Then use the lantern
to light all 4 torches to move the wall in
the east room back. Go there and jump
down the black hole. Grab the Big Key.
Go left and take the warp. Remember
what room you are in for later.
Go right, down, and right to the Main
Room again. Take the door at the lower
right part. Go through the next door on
the right. Hookshot over to the block and
run up to the Big Chest, containing the
Cane of Somaria. Now head back to the
room which I told you to remember (the
room where you warped to). Unlock the
big door and take the warp. Climb the
stairs and unlock that door. Go down the
ladder and down the stairs.
Lift the jar to the left to reveal a button.
Use the Staff of Somaria to make a block
to move onto the button to open the door.
Go through the bottom door. Go left from
there. Weave around the maze to the
left but before entering the door, go up
and switch the orb to Red. Go back and
enter the door to the left. Bomb the upper
wall and switch the orb to blue. Go back
and enter the left door. Switch the orb up
top to Red and go up the stairs.
Go left and unlock the door to the boss
room. Vitreous is pretty tough, but not
impossible. Stand at one of the bottom
corners and let the little eyes come to
Link. Slash as fast as you can until all 9
die. Also, watch out for the big eye's
lightning attack. Once the 9 little eyes are
gone, the big one will come out and attack.
Just keep slashing at it and it will soon die.
Grab the Heart and the Crystal. Listen and
you will learn the Zelda is in Turtle Rock.
This step is not over yet. Head to the
Bomb Shop in the Dark World (where
Link's House would be in the Light World)
and buy a Super Bomb for 100 rupees.
Now be careful with this. Do not jump
from any cliffs, lift anything, or dash or
you will set off the bomb. Make your way
to the Pyramid of Darkness and bomb
the wall with a crack in it. This is another
Great Fairy fountain. Throw in the Bow for
Silver Arrow and your Sword for the
Golden Sword.

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