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Ice Palace

Head to Lake Hylia in the Light World
and go to the island of the Fountain of
Wishes. Lift the Black Stone to reveal a
warp. This warp will take you inside the
walls of the Ice Palace. I hope you have
all 4 bottles and 4 fairies, because you are
going to need them in this level.
Go near the upper wall and a Freezor
will emerge. Kill it with the Fire Rod and
go to the next room. Kill the buris, grab
the key and unlock the stairwell. Press
the button on the lower left side to go on.
You should now be at a crossroads. Push
the block and take the path going down.
Kill the Pengators to recieve the Compass.
Go back up. Push the block and go right.
Return and push the block and go up.
Switch the Orb to Blue, then bomb the
orb back to red while on the other side.
Bomb the crach and fall down it. You now
have to fight 2 Stalfos Knights. These are
easy to kill. Slash them once, and while
they are down, set a bomb on them and
watch them die. Kill them both to open
the door. Go left, killing the buris along the
way (one will drop a Key). Make sure
the Orb is red. Unlock the door, press the
button under the bottom jar to open the
door. Go right and take the stairs.
Kill the Pengators and go up. Stand still
until the spike passes. Make the trap go
for you and take the door going up. Drop
down the disappearing floor to the next
floor. Go through the right door and
Hookshot across the pit. Go down and
around to the stairwell going up. Hookshot
across the spikes and press the button
under the jar to reveal a chest with a Key.
Go back across the spikes with the Cape
and up the stairs.
There are Stalfos Knights here, so kill
them the same way as before. Hammer
the Moles, lift the block, and pull the
tounge on the statue to open the door.
Find the button under the jars to reveal
a chest with a Map. Go through the door
on the right and up the stairs. Grab the
Big Key and go back down the 2 stairs
(Making sure to pull the tounge to get the
door open).
Unlock the door (in the room with the
spike floor) and go right. You should be
in the room with the crossroads and the
huge spike. This time, go right and down
the stairs. Kill the Freezors and bomb the
cracks on the left. Fall down that hole
and grab the Blue Mail in the Big Chest.
Go through the next 2 door to the right
(ignore the big door for now). Grab the
key under one of the jars and go down
and left. Grab the key there and head back
to the Big Door.
Unlock the stairs going down. Go down
and unlock the door to the right. Switch
the orb to Blue and head back up stairs.
Go down to the next room and right,
down, left and up the stairs. Go around
and unlock the door. Find the button under
a jar and go left. Fall down the hole back
into the Big Chest Room. Go right and
push the bottom block down the hole.
Follow it.
Reveal the button under the jar and move
the block onto it to open the bottom
door. Go down and to the left. Remove
the jars, pull the statue back, smash the
Mole, and lift the block to reveal a hole
leading to Kholdstare. Go down the hole.
Watch out for the falling ice. As long as
it is in its icy shell, you cannot harm it.
Use the Fire Rod about 8 times to melt the
shell. When it is out, it will split into 3 parts
and attack. Use a Spin Attack or just
keep using the Fire Rod. After all 3 parts
are dead, grab the Heart and the Crystal.

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