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Gargoyle's Domain

Head to the Village of Outcasts. Find the
Gargoyle Statue in the middle. Stand in
front of it and pull on the trident to reveal
the entrance to Gargoyle's Domain, another
easy part of the game.
From the entrance, jump down onto the
lower part. Go up and grab the Map to
the left. Go right to the end and up to the
next area. Take the first right you see to
the next area. Then take the first down
you see to the next area. Climb the ladder
and go left, down, and around to the
Compass. Jump down from where you
got the Compass and go left. That will
lead you to the Big Key.
Head to the upper level of the northeast
area. Go to the northeast corner of the
area and with the Big Key, unlock the door.
Go to the end of the hallway and grab the
key under the right jar. Go back down the
hallway and unlock the door. Go left 2
more scenes and then up through a door.
Grab the key from under the Jar and unlock
the stairway going up. Turn the Orb Blue
before going up.
Press the button under the jar at the lower
right corner to open the door. Continue
right until you come to this room. There is
a crack in the floor where the light shines
on. Throw a bomb to the crack to blow
it up. This will let the light shine on the
boss room (which you may have already
seen, but there is no boss there yet). Head
back down the stairs.
With the Orb on Blue, go down and take
the first right. Go to the next room on the
right and go down the stairs. Kill the
monsters and lift the huge block. Go down
and take a right. Unlock all of the cell doors
but do NOT talk to the girl just yet. Grab
the Key in the chest. Go back out and go
through the next 2 doors on the left. With
the Hammer out, quickly smash a mole and
grab the Titan's Mitt from the Big Chest.
Use the Mirror and Warp out.
Head to the lower part of the Village and
go to the left. Remove the Black Skulls
and rescue the Frog. He will request that
you take him to his 'Partner'. Warp back
to the Light World and go to where the
Dwarven Blacksmiths live (east side of
Kakariko). Enter the house and the Frog,
who is really the other blacksmith, will
rejoin his partner. Exit and enter again.
Talk to one of them and have your Sword
forged. Wait a few and come back to
recieve the Bronze Sword.
Go back to where you found the girl (the
one I said not to talk to). Talk to her now.
She will ask that you take her outside.
But instead, go back up the stairs and go
right. Take her into the room at the end of
the hallway (the one where there was no
boss before). Take her into the light (if
you bombed the crack above) and she
will turn into the Boss, Blind.
Not too tough of a fight, but very annoying.
With the Bronze Sword, use a Spin Attack
on its head. After a few, it will fall and the
head will remove, spin around, and start
shooting fireballs. Now with the Fireballs
and the main body shooting lasers, this is
going to get annoying. Keep up the attacks
on the main body and it will soon die out.
Grab the Heart and the Crystal.

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