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Skull Woods

This next step is pretty easy. Enter the
Skull Woods (Dark World version of the
Lost Woods). Sneak around the big hole
on the right part (slash the bush to get
by), and head up past the walk in entrance.
Slash the bushes in the pic and fall down
the hole there.
You will fall in the middle of the circle of
Skull Jars. Step on the first set of star
plates and then bomb the wall to the left.
Pull the lever to remove the wall leading
to the big chest. Since you don't have the
Big Key yet, just head back to where you
landed. Go down and grab the Map. Go
left and exit out the bottom door.
Go around past where you first entered
and you should come to this entrance.
Enter. When you first get in, use Bombos
to kill the monsters fast. Wait a bit for a
Wallmaster to fall. Kill it. Lift the middle
Skull Jar and pull the statue onto the
button (making sure that you are on the
side near the door.
Enter the door and use Bombos again for
a quick kill. Grab the Big Key. If you need
magic, bomb the right wall and lift the
Skull Pot. Head back outside. Drop down
the same hole as you did earlier. Press the
star plate and go through the hole you
bombed. Go down to the big chest and
open it to get the Fire Rod. Exit.
Head back to the entrance where you
went to get the Big Key. Go left 2 scenes
and grab the key from under the skull pot.
Exit through the door and head left. Use
the Fire Rod at the tip of the skull to burn
open the entrance. Enter.
Go forward and unlock the door. The
Star Plate room is a bit confusing, but
go towards the middle, then the lower
left corner, then upper right, then middle
right (2x2 starplate), then upper right
corner. That should free you up to enter
the door. Use Bombos on the 4 Gibdos.
Remove both Skull jars and then quickly
use the Lantern to light up the first 3
torches, then the Fire Rod for the last one.
Enter the door.
Use Bombos for a quick kill, then cut the
web at the top part to reveal a door.
Enter. Kill the monsters to get a Key.
Unlock the door and drop down the hole.
This battle can be a bit difficult. You have
3 things to worry about. The moving floor,
which will take you right to the spikes.
The spikes themselves move out to attack.
And Mothula flies around and shoots
beams at Link. It will take 15 hits with the
Master Sword to kill him, but the best
plan is to stand near one of the 4 blocks
and hit him 10 times with the Fire Rod.
Expect to die a time or 2 unless you have
high HP. Grab the Heart and the Crystal.

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