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Swamp Palace

With the dam open in the light world, you
can now access the Swamp Palace. From
the entrance, take the left path and kill the
bugs. Grab the Key and open the stairway
to the lower level.
The first wall to the left can be bombed,
which will lead to a Map. The Key to the
door is under the bottom skull jar. Unlock
the door. Go down the ladder and through
the door. Grab the Key under the Skull
Jar and go back. Climb the other ladder
and unlock the door. Kill the Skeletons
and pound the moles with a hammer.
Push the lever going in the left direction to
release the water. Go back out and climb
the ladder to the left.
You should now be in the huge center
room with the big chest. Since you do
not have the Big Key yet, you cannot
open it. First take the door directly south
of the Big Chest. Work your way around
Clockwise and push the lower block to
reveal a chest with the Compass. Head
back to the center room and take the
lower left door. Go down the ladder and
through the door. Grab the Key under the
Skull Jar.
Head back to the center room and go to
the locked door on the upper left side.
Unlock it and go in. Switch the orb to
blue and flip the lever to release the water.
Switch the orb back to red and exit the
same door you came in. Go back to the
lower left door and into the water. Swim
over to the other ladder and through the
door. Jump into the shallow waters and
push the bottom block out, and the middle
block into the middle of the other 2. Go
up the stairs.
Push out the block and head to the upper
right side. Move the block out of the way
and fall down the hole. If you switched
the orb back to red like I told you to, then
you can walk right and grab the Big Key.
Head back to the center room (jump
down from where you landed) and open
the big chest. You will get the Hookshot!
Equip it and hookshot over to the right of
the chest and grab the key under the jar.
Open the upper door.
Go to the left side and push the statue onto
the button under the upper skull jar to
open the door. Do not take that door you
are near. Go right and take the door there.
Kill the Red Buri and go down the stairs.
Push the lever to drain the water. Go
down the ladder and up.
If you take the door you can see, it will
lead to nowhere. The solution to this is to
go to the 2nd waterfall from the right and
enter that. That will lead to a stairway. Go
up them and exit the bottom door. Swim
over to the ladder to the right. Grab the
Key and swim all the way to the left. Open
the door. Equip the Hookshot and enter
the Boos Room.
Arrghus is pretty easy (it is even easier if
you have the Golden Sword by now. See
the secrets page.) To beat this enemy
Hookshot the small orbs and kill them.
Watch out for its spin attack. Once the
Orbs are killed, it will jump and try to land
on Link. It will then swim around. Do a
Spin attack on it (it will only take 2 with
the Golden Sword). It will then jump up
and repeat again. Repeat until dead, then
grab the Heart and the Crystal.

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