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The 2nd Gathering

Now that you have the Hammer, start
pounding the stakes in south of the
Dark Palace area. There are a few things
that you will want to do before entering
the Swamp Palace. From the other side
of the stakes, head west, past Link's
house (which is now the Bomb Shop),
and into the place where the Flute Boy
used to play his flute.
Talk to him and and help him find his flute
in the Light World. He will give Link the
Shovel. Go to the northwest corner of the
area and warp to the Light World. Shovel
around that area (around where the flower
bed is) and you should find the Flute. Go
back to the Dark World and the Flute
Boy will ask for Link to Play the Flute for
him. Play it and he will turn into a tree.
Warp back to the Light World and back
to Kakariko Village. Play the Flute for
the Sleeping man in the Pub. He will tell
Link to play the Flute by the Windmill in
town. Go there and play the Flute. The
bird at the windmill will come to life. Now
whenever you play the Flute, the bird will
come to your aid and fly you anywhere
in Hyrule.
Enter the Lost Woods from the left side of
the Village. Go right and down from the
entrance. Pound the stakes and pick up
the rock to warp back to the Dark World.
Head east to where the Graveyard used
to be. Go to the northeast corner of it
(inside the fence). Warp from there to the
Light World and dash the Grave to open
it. Go in and grab the Magic Cape.
Head back to Kakariko Village in the
Light World. Go to where the Dwarven
Blacksmiths live. Pound the stake and
jump into the hole. Take the door going
up and use the Magic Powder on the
Alter. A flying beast will awaken and cast
some wierd spell on Link. Though it is
suppost to hurt Link, it actually reduces
his magic cost by 1/2. So every magic item
you use now will cost 1/2 as much.
In the Light World, fly to the Magic Shop
with the bird. Buy a Green Potion and
then fly to Death Mountain. Climb up and
take the warp to the Dark World. Jump
down to the ledge and enter the cave.
Pound the Mole with the Hammer and
use the Magic Cape. Walk over the spikes
and around to the block. Pick it up and
open the chest containing the Staff of
Byrna. If you need magic to get back,
use the Green Potion you bought.
Go back to the Dark World. Make your
way to where the entrance to the Desert
used to be. Enter the coral of stakes and
use the Mirror there to the Light World.
Go left a bit and use the Book of Mudora
on the stone. Link will then recieve the
Bombos Medallion.
Now that you have everything, head to
the Swamp Palace in the Dark World,
but before entering it, warp to the Light
World and drain the water by pulling on
the lever to open the dam. Go back and
take the warp back to the Dark World.
You can now enter the Swamp Palace.

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