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The Dark Palace

You will arrive on top of the Pyramid of
Darkness in the Dark World. Once you
arrive, Sahasrahla will talk to Link a bit.
He must save the 7 maidens to save
Hyrule. He tells Link to head to the
Dark Palace (he marks it on his map) to
start out with.
The Dark World is pretty much a parallel
world to the Light World. Head to where
Zora's Waterfall would be in the Dark
World. Pick up a bush or a rock and
throw it into the ring of stone. A catfish
will come out and give Link the Quake
Medallion if he does not disturb him
Now head over to the area where the
Eastern Palace used to be. This will be
a bit tricky, but enter in where the picture
shows. Head left all the way and go under
the pass at the end. Go up and take the
pass going right. Down and take the right
pass. Go down and make your way right
and once you come to the end, a Monkey
named Kiki will come and offer to tag
along for 10 Rupees. Pay him.
Make sure to protect that monkey, or else
it will run away when hit. Go right and at
the end, go up. You will be at the entrance
to the Dark Palace. Kiki will offer to open
the door for 100 Rupees. Pay him and
the door will be open.
From the entrance, go right (making sure
to press the button at the corner). Kill
the Helmasaur and take the stairs going
down. Take the Warp to the next area
and bomb or run into the bottom wall.
Make your way around to the left, killing
any Buris in you way. Open the wall there
with a bomb or by running into it.
Kill the Type 2 Goryia's with an Arrow
(it is a bit tricky, but it is pretty easy once
figured out). Go through the door and
up the hallway. Take the stairs at the end
and kill the Red Buris. Grab the Map and
bomb both side walls to reveal a chest
with a Key and a Fairy Fountain.
Return to the entrance room.
This time take the door to the left. Kill
the Helmasaur and go down the stairs.
Press the button under the lower left skull
jar to reveal a chest with a Key. Return
up the stairs and to the middle door.
Unlock it. Go right and push the black
down the hole. Head back and take the
left path. Blow up the marked floor and
jump down.
Go up and unlock the door. Take the
stairs up and grab the Big Key. Jump
back down. Press the button under the
skull jar to reveal a chest with another
Key. Grab it and take the warp (which
will take you back to the right side of the
main entrance).
Make your way back to the middle
room and take a right (where you pushed
the block down the hole). Go through the
door. Grab the Key and Jump across
where the arrow points. Go up the ladder
and left to the locked door. Unlock it.
Remove the skull jar and dash across the
bridge before it falls. Remove another
Skull jar and open the door on the left.
It is pretty dark in here. Watch out for
the Rhinos here. Grab the Key at the
bottom right corner and from there find
the path directly above it. Bomb the wall
and go through it to get the Magic
Hammer. Head back to the falling bridge
and take the door on the right this time.
Kill the Turtles with the Hammer (once
to flip them and again to kill it), and grab
the Compass. Go down either stairway
and grab the Key (and some money).
Unlock the bottom door. Make your
way to the middle area, making sure to
kill or drop the spiders. Switch the orb's
color to Blue and go through the door on
the right. Switch the orb there to Red,
remove the jars on the right, and move the
statue to the button in back. Go to the
next room. Kill the Type 2 Goryias and
into the next room. Shoot the eye of the
statue with an arrow to move the right
wall and reveal a ladder going down.
Smash the moles with the Hammer and
kill the Turtles. With the orb on Red,
go to the left of the wall and shoot the
orb to turn it blue. Open through the door
to the left. Continue on through the
hallway and into a room with a bunch
of Turtles. Kill them with the Hammer and
go through the door on the right. Take
the warp and go up to the Boss Room,
killing any Turtle along the way.
You now face the King Helmasaur. This
fight is pretty easy. First take out your
bomb and place them around his head.
After a few bombs, the Helmet will break.
From there, just wack away at his head
until it dies. Watch out for its fireballs
and of course, its tail. Grab the Heart
when you defeat it and grab the Crystal.
Listen to what the Maiden has to say
and you will exit the Dark Palace and be
told where the other Maidens are.

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