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The Master Sword and Aganhim

To get out of Death Mountain, head to
the cave before the long stairs at the west
part of the mountain. Make your way
though a small cave to the end. Jump
down off the cliff. Head into the Lost
It doesn't matter which entrance you take,
just make your way to the northwest side
of the Lost Woods. There will be a log
which you must enter. Go straight and
read the Book of Mudora at the face
of the alter. Go around to the Master
Sword and press 'A'. The Pendants will
go to work and the Master Sword will
be yours.
As soon as you exit the Master Sword
area, the Minister will call for Link to
quickly come to the Sancutary. Once
you are there, the Minister is near dead
and tells Link that the Soldiers have gotten
Zelda and have taken her to Hyrule
Castle. He then dies.
But before you do anything, first head
up to Death Mountain again. From the
Tower of Hera, head west to the Stone
there. Use the Book of Mudora there
and with the Master Sword, Link will
recieve the Ether Medallion.
Go to the island in the middle of Lake
Hylia and toss in 100 rupees in the
fountain inside the cave. Each time you
do so, you can get more bombs or more
arrows. Also, head northeast from the
lake and follow under a bridge. Under
there is a man who will give Link another
Head to Hyrule Castle and onto the roof.
Go to the middle and slash the barrier.
Go through the door and into the tower.
Go through the first door. Kill the Gold
Ball 'n Chain Troopers and take a right.
Kill the Blue Guards to get the Key. Go
Go left into the big room. Light the torches
and grab the key. Take the lower right
door and go up the stairs. Go left and
light the torches. Make your way around
the pit and take the upper right door. Kill
all of the monsters to get the Key. Go
Go left then down. Kill the Red Lancer
in the middle to get the Key. Go right
and then up the stairs. Push the statue
out of the way and kill the monsters in
this room. Take the door and go straight
up to the stairways. You will then see
Aganhim take and make Princess Zelda
disappear. He will then run behind the
curtain behind him. Cut it down and
follow him.
Now begins the battle. He has 3 types of
attacks. 1 is the normal magic ball that
he throws at you. Reflect this type back
to him to damage him. The 2nd is a
ring of blue attack which will separate
when hit. The 3rd is when he goes to the
top of the room for a Lightning Attack.
Move to the side when he moves to the
top. Refect 6 of type 1 magic back to
him and he will cast Link into the Dark

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