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Tower of Hera

Upon entering, slash the crystal to lower
the blue blocks. Enter the stairs to the
left of the entrance. Kill the monsters and
slash the orb to get the key. Before going
out, make sure the orb's color is blue.
Go back up the stairs.
Turn the orbs Red and go north. Grab the
map and unlock the door to the left. Go
down those stairs. Avoid the flying tiles
and change the orb's color. Go through
the door. Change the orb to red again and
kill the Mini Moldorms.
Kill the Red Skeletons and light all 4
torches to reveal a chest with the Big Key.
Go out, turn the first orb blue. Through the
next door turn the orb red and go up the
stairs. Head back to the entrance part and
take the stairs going up on the right.
Kill or knock the blue spiders into the
hole. Make sure to keep the orb on
red. Go to the next room. Use the star
plates to move holes around for you to
go through. Learn to use these effectivly.
Use the Big Key to open the door and
go right to the stairs.
Grab the Compass in the middle. Make
sure that the star plate is on the right side
(like in the pic). Go left and up the stairs.
Kill the Spiders (the red one might take
a while). Press the star plate and fall down
this hole at this spot. Immediately go up
and grab the Moon Pearl. Press the
Star Plate to go back out and take the
stairs back up. The pots each have a
heart under them, but if you take the small
hole on the northwest side (shown in the
pic), it will lead you to a fairy fountain.
Take the stairs up when ready.
This battle can be tricky, but not too
tough. Jump in the arena and charge a
Spin Attack. Get close to the end of its
tail and release it. The only real worries
are him knocking you off the edge. Repeat
6 times and it will kill it. Grab the Heart
Container and the Pendant of Wisdom.
Now that you have them all, it is time to
go get the Master Sword.

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