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Zora's Waterfall & Death Moutnain

With the Power Gloves now, head back
to the Magic Shop. Pick up the boulder
at the east side of it and keep going.
Dash the rocks to break then and then
head north to Zora's Waterfall.
Follow the path of the shallow water.
When the path splits off 4 ways, take the
lower path and you will eventually arrive
at King Zora's. He will sell you a pair of
Zora's Flippers (which will allow you to
swim in deeper waters) for 500 rupees!
Buy them and he will even tell you the
secret of the whirlpools.
Head out of the Waterfall area and first
things first, go through the waterfall to the
west of the entrance to Zora's Waterfall.
Inside, you can throw in any item. The
ones you want to throw in are your Shield
and the Boomerang. Be truthful about
throwing it in and you will get a Fire Shield
and a Magic Boomerang.
Head back west. Go north on the scene
after you pass the Sanctuary. Pick up
this boulder and enter this cave. Make
your way East and at the door, an old
man will run into you. Take him along and
keep going east. When he tells you to
turn, go down and follow out the door.
You are now on Death Mountain. Go to
this door and the Old Man will leave you,
and give you the Magic Mirror. Make
your way up the mountain (the ladder on
the west side) and avoid the falling rocks.
Take this portal and you will be sent to
the Dark World. But don't fear. Though
your form is changed into a bunny, you
can still head back to the Light World.
Go west a bit to where the ball and the
beast are fighting. The ground will be a
bit discolored. Use the Magic Mirror here
to go back to the Light World.
You should arrive on top of a small
mound (with a Heart Piece beside it).
Jump down going north from it and walk
up and enter the Tower of Hera.

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