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The Desert Palace

First things first, head to the Library in
Kakariko Village. Find the shelf with a
book on top of it and run into it. The book
will fall off the shelf. Grab it. From there,
go back to the swamp area and head
Make your way to the middle area (with
the stone with the Hylian Writing). From
there, use the Book of Mudora (the one
you found in the Library), and the writing
will be translated out. Just then, the 3
stones in the area move around, block
the exit and open the entrance to the
Desert Palace. Go inside.
Walk straight up the the Beamos and take
a right. Pick up the pots and go up. Enter
the room at the top. Kill anything in there
and press the button under the pot in
between the 2 Goryias. Grab the Map
that appears. Exit that room.
Take the upper door on the far left side.
Run into the torch to make the key fall.
Grab it and exit. Head to the right side
and at the end, head down and unlock the
door. Kill all the monsters, grab the
Compass, and enter the door.
Run up the hallway and grab the Big
Key. Now head back to the left side
and take the door on the left (same area
as where you got the small key). Grab
the northwest pointing pot and press the
button. Go through the door and grab the
Power Gloves. Go back out and to the
room before the Beamos.
Head down to the bottom and take the
door to the left. Exit the Palace through
the door at the bottom. Go north and
pick up the rocks. Go through the door.
Push the block on the right while avoiding
the Beamos and enter the door.
Avoid the flying tiles, find the key, and
unlock the stairway. Go down the hall
to the next room. Kill all of the monsters
to continue. Go up and grab the key under
one of the pots. Unlock the door. Again
in another tile room, find the key and
unlock the door. In the final room, light
all of the torchest to reveal the boss door.
Enter the boss room.
Your boss this time are 3 Lanmolas.
The come from the ground and go back
into the ground. This battle is pretty
simple. When you see the sand start to
move, get close to it and charge a Spin
Attack. When it pops out, release a Spin
Attack. 6 Spin attacks will kill 1 of them.
Repeat for all 3 Lanmolas. Grab the
Heart Container and the Pendant of

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