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The Gathering

After you have grabbed the Heart from
the Sanctuary, exit and head west. Once
you see the fortune teller's house, head
south and enter Kakariko Village. Enter
this house and talk to the woman inside.
She will tell you about the Master Sword,
but urges that you see the elder.
Talk to this kid in town and he will mark
on your map the place where to find the
Elder. Now head to the northwest part
of down and jump off the cliff into a hole.
Pick up the bombs there and the money.
Head behind the pub and find the secret
entrance. Grab the Bottle in the chest
inside. See the sick boy across the road
from the back of the Pub to get the Bug
Catching net. Also buy a bottle from the
man in the middle of town.
Head out through the south exit of
Kakariko. Go East back to Link's house,
then south onto the beack-like area. From
there, make your way east.
When the path splits of going north, go
north all the way up. Bomb the wall where
Link is in the pic and enter. Grab the Ice
Rod from within. Enter the other door
right beside the one you just bombed and
catch some fairies.
Head back to Kakariko Village and into
the Lost Woods (take the entrance near
the Fortune Teller). Go north and take
the log on the left going up. Go west to
get the Mushroom. Head back outside.
From the entrace to the lost woods, head
east past the Sanctuary and the
Graveyard. Cross the bridge and head
northeast to the Magic Shop. Use the
Mushroom on the Witch and she will
take it. Exit the area and come back.
Enter the magic shop and the Magic
Powder will be waiting for you.
From the Magic Shop, head south and
before you come to the bridge going
north/south, head east. Take the 1st path
going north. Follow and jump into the pit.
Enter the house.
If you followed your map correctly, you
should be in Sahasrahla's house. He says
that to get the Master Sword, you must
first get the 3 Pendants. He then says to
get the Pendant from the East Palace and
bring it back to him. Only then will he tell
you more about the Master Sword.
Make your way east from Sahasrahla's
House and enter the Eastern Palace.

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