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Hyrule Castle

As you start the game, Link is sleeping in
his bed when he hears the voice of Zelda,
who has been taken prisoner and thrown
in the dungeon of the castle and asks Link
to help her. When he wakes up, his uncle
goes to the castle and tells Link not to
leave the house. Yeah, right. Grab the
Lantern in the chest and head outside.
Go north from the house and across the
bridge. Ignore the guards and head east.
Follow the road north and pick up a
bush to reveal a hole. Jump down it.
At the bottom you will meet Link's uncle,
who is nearly dead. He gives Link his
sword and shield and teaches him the
Spin Trick (hold the B button). Head out
the door. Kill the Soldier to the right and
grab the magic and money. Head out
the door.
Fight off the Soldiers and Green Knights
and make your way to the door. Enter
and head either left or right. Go up from
either side and take either a right or
left. Take the stairs going down.
Kill the Blue Knight and grab the Key it
drops. Open the chest for a Map and
unlock the door. Go down and knock
some of the Blue Knights over the edge.
Make your way down and left to another
room. Take the door at the top.
Kill the Green Knight and take the door
on the right. Kill the Blue Knight. Grab
the Key it drops and open the chest to
get a Boomerang. Head back and unlock
the door. Go down the next 2 stairways.
Head over to the right and a Ball 'n Chain
Trooper will start his attack. The
Boomerang doesn't last long, but your
best attack would be to wait until he is
done with his attack, and then do a Spin
attack on him. 8 hits kills him and he will
drop the Big Key. Unlock the cell and talk
to Zelda. Listen to her words and she will
follow Link for a while.
Make your way back to the 1st floor
and to the main hallway. Take the stairs
at the top of the room and go all the
way down the throne room. Push the
Orniment Shelf from the left to reveal a
Have the Lantern ready. When you find
a torch, light it with the Lantern. Make
your way through a few rooms. Find the
key to unlock the door to the sewers of
the Castle. Take the door on the left and
in the next room, the door on the top.
Kill one of the mice to get the key to the
Make your way up to the top. Push the
block forward and take the stairs up.
Go through the door at the bottom and
pull the lever on the right to open the door
to the Sanctuary.
Once in the Sanctuary, Zelda will leave
the party and then talk to Link a bit. The
minister says to search for the Legendary
Master Sword. He marks a spot on the
map where to go next. Grab the Heart
Container from the chest and head

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