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Name of Minigame Picture Location Specifics Cost Reward
Race to the Finish Kakariko Village Race to goal in under 15 seconds -- Piece of Heart
Chest Opening Kakariko Village Pick one of 3 chests. 20 Rupees 1 Rupee, 20 Rupees, 50 Rupees
Chest Opening 2 Village of Outcasts (Dark World) Pick 2 chest from any of the chests. 30 Rupees Arrow(s), Rupee(s), Bomb(s), Piece of a Heart
Shooting Gallery Village of Outcasts (lower part) Shoot the targets behind the hand 20 Rupees 4 rupees times 2/per target (up to 64 rupees).
Digging Game Village of Outcasts (lower part) Dig up as much as you can in 30 seconds 80 Rupees Piece of a Heart, Rupee(s), Bomb(s), Arrow(s), Magic

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