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Name of Item Pic What it does MP Where to find it
Bow & Arrows Shoots Arrows -- Eastern Palace
Silver Arrow The ultimate weapon against Ganon -- Great Fairy in Dark World
Boomerang Stuns enemy and retrieves items -- Hyrule Castle Dungeon
Magic Boomerang Like the normal one, but travels twice as far -- Great Fairy in Light World
Hookshot Hatches onto something and carries Link across -- Swamp Palace
Bombs Blows stuff up -- Found/bought anywhere
Mushroom The Old Witch wants some of this. -- Lost Woods
Magic Powder Has various effects on different things. 1 Magic Shop (after giving Witch the Mushroom)
Fire Rod Shoots fire at the enemy 4 Skull Woods
Ice Rod Sends a cold blast of magic at the enemy. 4 Cave on east side of Lake Hylia
Bombos Makes a huge ring of fire around Link. 8 Ledge on east side of Desert (warp from Dark World)
Ether Freeze anything in around Link. 8 Death Mountain
Quake Causes a huge Earthquake. 8 Catfish near Zora's Waterfall (Dark World)
Lantern Lights up a torch. .5 Link's House/Hyrule Castle Dungeon
Magic Hammer Used to pound in stakes -- Dark Palace
Shovel Used to dig up dirt. Replaced by the Flute. -- Loaned by the Flute Boy in the Dark World.
Flute Used to summon the flying bird -- Flute Boy's Forest in the Light World (need Shovel).
Bug Catching Net Used to catch bugs or fairies -- Sick Kid's house
Book of Mudora Allows Link read Ancient Hylian Script -- Kakariko Library
Bottle Used to catch/hold stuff in -- CLICK HERE
Staff of Somaria Used to make blocks/platforms. When used twice in a row, it will break and shoot lasers 1 Misery Mire
Staff of Byrna Creates a magic barrier around Link. 1/sec. Cave with spikes on Death Mountain (Dark World).
Magic Cape Makes Link Invisible 1/sec. Underneath Grave behind Black Stones
Magic Mirror Used to warp back to the Light World or to warp to the entrance of a dungeon. -- Old Man on Death Mountain

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