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Heart Piece Locations

Location Picture Specifics Items Needed
Death Mountain Jump from this point on top of Death Mountain and enter the cave. ---
Death Mountain Warp back from the Dark World from the discolored spot on the ground. Magic Mirror
Death Mountain On unreachable platform on top of mountain (reach by hidden cave in the Dark World) Bombs, Magic Mirror
Death Mountain In cave on unreachable platform (only reachable by warping from the Dark World after going outside for the first time on the right side of the path) Arrows, Hammer
Graveyard In cave on the unreachable ledge (warp from Dark World) Magic Mirror
Kakariko Village Jump down the hole and bomb the wall Bombs
Kakariko Village Bomb wall in old thieves hideout Bombs
South of Kakariko Village Beat the racing game in under 15 seconds ---
Lake Hylia One top of unreachable island (warp from circle of rocks in the dark world) Magic Mirror
South Hyrule Pull right lever in dam to release water ---
West of Graveyard Run into the rocks to reveal stairwell Pegasus Boots
South of Flute Boy's Forest Unreachable; warp from Dark World in the middle of bush patch Magic Mirror
Northern Hyrule, just east of Lost Woods Under tree cut by the twin lumberjacks Pegasus Boots
Lost Woods Jump down hidden hole near the thieves hideout ---
East Desert In cave in the northeastern part of desert. Behind bombable wall Bombs
West Desert On ledge after finishing the first part of the Desert Palace ---
North Desert In underground cave on unreachable ledge on northeast side (warp from Dark World) Magic Mirror, Flute, Titan's Mitt
Zora's Waterfall Jump down the first waterfall after buying flippers and go west from there. Zora's Flippers

Dark World

Location Picture Specifics Items Needed
Misery Mire The entrance to the left of the main entrance Flute, Titan's Mitt
Overworld In cave where entrance to Death Mountain used to be Hookshot, Magic Cape
Pyramid of Darkness On the far right side of the Pyramid ---
Village of Outcasts A Prize in the chest opening game ---
South of Village of Outcasts A hidden prize in the digging game ---
East of Village of Outcasts East part of Village (where Blacksmiths are in Light World), pound all of the stakes in to reveal cave. Magic Hammer, Titan's Mitt

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