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Name of Boss Pic Hits Special Attacks Strategy
Armos Knights (x6) 12 Jumps around and attacks in different formations Use the Arrows on the Blue Knights and when there is one left, use the Spin Attack.
Lanmolas (x3) 12 Jumps up from the ground and shoots sand at Link. Use a Spin Attack just as they are popping out of the ground.
Moldorm 12 Runs around and pushes Link off the edge. Spin Attack on the end of its tail.
Agahnim 12 Shoots 3 different types of magic at you Reflect the ball magic back at him with the Master Sword.
King Helmasaur 14 Shoots fireballs and attacks with tail. Blow up the helmet with the bombs then attack with the sword.
Arrghus 16 (4 on orbs) Spins each of its orbs around him. When orbs are gone, it jumps and swims around fast. Hookshot each of the orb until only the eye remains. Then when the eye lands, do a spin attack on it.
Mothula 30 Flies around and shoots beams at Link. Waste him with the Fire Rod.
Blind 27 Runs around shooting lasers. When head falls off, it shoots fireballs. Attacks its head (the one connected to the body) with a Spin Attack.
Kholdstare 24 (for each part) Drops ice on Link and when out of ice shell, splits into 3 parts and runs around Use the Fire Rod to remove shell then Spin Attack or keep using the Fire Rod to finish the 3 parts off.
Vitreous 18 per eye, 48 big eye Sends out 9 little eyes while big eye attacks with lightning. Big eye then comes attacks Stand in corner and let eyes come to Link. Then go after the Big Eye and just keep slashing.
Trinexx 14 per side head, 12 on the middle Attacks with all 3 heads (fire on red and ice on blue). When red/blue heads are dead, it removes it shell and runs around. Freeze the Red head with the Ice Rod, and the Blue Head with the Fire Rod. Once frozen, attack with the sword. Then attack middle part of the main body.
Agahnim 12 Splits into 3 parts and attacks with 2 types of magic Reflect the magic to the 'solid' form.
Ganon 170(?) Throws Trident, Shoots fire, and jumps to remove outer area. Slash with the Sword until lights go out. Light the torches, slash him, and then shoot with a Silver Arrow.

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