Specialty: Martial Arts, Big Swords

Strength 19
Dexterity 14
Speed 7
Constitution 26
Intelligence 18
Will 20
Charm 13
LP 36

Zo can be found in the town of Rashkuta after beating the Devil King Armor.  To recruit Zo, you'll need either Sara or Shonen in your party.  Enter the house in the northwestern corner of Rashkuta and talk to the blue elephant.  He'll mention that his brother went into the Rotten Sea ruins long ago to rescue a child and has been sleeping ever since.  Go in and talk to the elephant that's asleep.  Either Sara or Shonen will heal the elephant who promptly awakens.  Now return and talk to the blue elephant, and he'll ask to join.  His name is Elephant (but it's Zo officially ;) ).

Zo is just plain fun to have along.  He has insanely high LP and Constitution so he can really take a beating.  He's as slow as a rock, however, so equip him with a good suit.  If Zo uses a two-handed weapon, he can still block attacks with a shield which is really nice.  He also seems to excel with sword wazas.