Specialties: Spear, Water Magic

Strength 17
Dexterity 15
Speed 18
Constitution 19
Intelligence 20
Will 13
Charm 19
LP 10

Thomas can be found in his house in Pidona.  However he must run some errands for his grandfather first.  Leave the house and head into the southern portion of Pidona.  Go into the Inn then leave.  Thomas will walk into the armor shop.  Follow him into the shop then leave once again.  Thomas will then leave for the older section of Pidona.  Follow him into the first house on the left which is Muse's house.  He'll see you and join the party.

Thomas is needed to start the Business Game.  (See Minigames)

Thomas is a decent spear user and a good magic user.  If he isn't your main character, he comes with Water Magic, or if he is, he will start with water magic if you do not choose to specialize in it.  Thomas will make a good warrior-mage type but don't expect him to excel in either of them to the greatest extent.