"Magic Warrior"

Specialties: Spear, Fire Magic

Strength 5 (21)
Dexterity 3 (19)
Speed 16
Constitution 21
Intelligence 19
Will 16
Charm 18
LP 9

(Stats in () are with the Silver Hand equipped)

Sharl can be briefly obtained during the Search for Gon quest if you have room for him.  After going through Muse's dream, he can be obtained permanently.

On first sight, Sharl seems like he sucks.  Only 5 strength and 3 dexterity?!  Well Sharl's right hand is paralyzed from battle so he can't use it.  The cure for this is simple: while in Muse's Dream, you must get the Silver Hand and equip it on him.  With the Silver Hand equipped, Sharl's Strength and Dexterity return to their original amount because he can use his paralyzed hand once more.  Sharl is very good with both Spears and Fire Magic, and you'll find his HP, WP, and JP all go up very quickly.