Specialty: Bow

Strength 17
Dexterity 19
Speed 21
Constitution 13
Intelligence 20
Will 11
Charm 21
LP 10

Sara is one of the Shinon settlers and can be chosen as a main character.  She can be found in Pidona at Thomas's house in the middle room.  Sara is a bit different though: she was the survivor of the Death Eclipse 16 years ago.  She'll be forced out of your party after sealing the 4th Abyss Gate- even if she is your main character.  If she was in your party, Shonen will join you to replace her.

Sara is a very good bow/magic user.  I don't really like using her though since she isn't going to last.  I found her helpful in the beginning though.  Alot of people like her because you can fight the last battle in a special Commander Mode.