"The Mask"

Specialties: Epee and Wind Magic

Strength 21
Dexterity 17
Speed 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 17
Will 12
Charm 17
LP 12

Robin can be found in the central warehouse in Yamas.  First, you must complete the Adventures of Robin quest in Yamas.  The appearance of Robin in the central warehouse is random.  Sometimes Fat Robin will appear instead.  Just enter, say no if Fat Robin appears, and reenter and repeat the process until Robin appears.

Robin is really pretty good.  He has a 1 WP discount in Spear/Epee waza.  His strength and speed are also very nice.  He starts out with Wind Magic which he has at an already high level.  With his higher-than-normal LP, he makes a good candidate for Wind Magic (even though I think Zo is the best for it).