Specialty: Staff, Axe, Spear

Strength 23
Dexterity 24
Speed 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Will 13
Charm 13
LP 14

Nora can be found in the Workshop in Pidona.  Offer to help her once Ken tells you her story, and Nora will join you.

Note: If you remove Nora from your party, you'll have the option of having her Invent Weapons/Armors in the Workshop instead of rejoining you.  If you have her start inventing, she will not join you again.  Make sure you will never use her again if you plan on doing this.

Nora's really pretty good.  Her very high strength and dexterity allow her to hit hard and frequently.  Her short coming is in her Will which will make her prone to suffer bad status.  Overall, she's great for the attacking but lacks magical fortitude.