"A young lady"

Specialty: none (Big Swords possibly)

Strength 16
Dexterity 20
Speed 15
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Will 18
Charm 25
LP 6

Muse can be found while in her dream.  You can enter it once you have saved Gon and have 250+ HP.  After finishing the dream, Muse can be recruited in her house along with Sharl.

I find Muse to be exceedingly useful.  She learns and masters wazas very quickly.  However, you have to train her for along time.  She joins with 0 WP/JP and 0 in all Weapon Levels.  It will take a while for her to start learning waza, but once she does, she'll learn them exceedingly quickly.  She's learned and mastered all the Big Sword waza before any of my other characters could learn all theirs, and I got her pretty late in the game.