"Vampire Earl"

Specialty: Martial Arts and Vampire Magic

Strength 19
Dexterity 13
Speed 21
Constitution 17
Intelligence 25
Will 13
Charm 27
LP 0

Getting Leonid is a rather complicated process.  First of all, Monica cannot get Leonid since she may not enter the Zweig Tournament.  For everyone else, even if Leonid's Castle is on the map, you must win the Zweig Tournament so that you may know where the Holy Grail is.  Go to Leonid's Castle and complete the dungeon to obtain the Grail.  Make sure the Grail is not in your inventory and that you have a girl other than Ellen in your party.  If you meet these requirements, Leonid will join you.

Leonid is amazingly powerful, has inane defense, and regenerates HP after every round.  However, Leonid is undead so the only way for him to heal is to either regenerate or drain another party member's HP.  If Leonid is killed in battle, count him out for that battle since he may not be revived.  However, Leonid cannot be permanently killed since his LP is already at 0.  Leonid is exceedingly powerful and useful, but his use falters in the last battle where he will be needed the most.