Specialty: Sword

Strength 21
Dexterity 12
Speed 20
Constitution 17
Intelligence 15
Will 19
Charm 20
LP 10

Harid is from the Naj Desert and can be found in the Tomb of the Holy King in Lance.  If he is your main character, you might want to be careful in some of your responses.  Harid is a bit greedy and accepting pay might anger some of the other characters (particularly Wood) and cause certain events not to occur.  Also, if Harid is in your party during the Maximus Quest, the conditions to entering the Divine Tower change.  You can't buy the robes from the merchant anymore because Harid refuses to wear them.  Instead, you must donate 10000 G to the hooded man guarding the entrance to the tower.

Harid is one of the best fighters in the game.  His strength is very high, and he'll learn new sword wazas quickly.  He masters wazas at a higher than normal speed also.  He does have one thing many people refer to as a disadvantage: his first weapon slot must contain a curved sword.  Geez, can people not use the second slot =P.  The problem comes from the fact that if your main character is Harid, you can get the true Kamsheen (41 attack power) and use that in the first slot.  The Kamsheen can be found in the King's Capitol which can only be accessed by Harid.  Otherwise, you are restricted to using the Falchion.