Game Basics


Unlike most RPGs, Romancing SaGa 3 is completely nonlinear.  After you finish your character's intro, you can proceed with the storyline in any way you want.  Also, there is no experience or leveling per say.  Instead you gain HP, WP, and JP randomly after battle along with possible point increases in either your weapons or magic.  If you use weapons during the battle, you may gain HP, WP, and an increase in the category of weapons you used.  If you used magic, you might gain HP, JP, and an increase in the category of magic you used.  You will learn waza or techniques randomly during battle.  To learn a waza, make sure you don't already have 8 equipped, or you won't be able to learn anything!  Once you've learned it, you'll need to keep using it to master it.  Mastery and equipping/unequipping waza are explained below.


There 4 type of points in RS3:

HP: It's what you think. When you get attacked, you lose HP. When your HP goes to 0, you lose 1 LP(see below.). HP is always refilled after a battle.

LP: This the number of points before a Character dies for good. Once this reach 0, that character is dead and gone...if it's your main character, GAME OVER. It can be refilled with plenty of potions or simply sleeping at a inn.

WP: WP is what it cost to use a Technique(Waza). Think of it of the MP, except for Weapons Waza.

JP: JP is the opposite of WP. Its used to cast spells.

Status Screen:

1: Job- Each character has a their job listed here.
2: Sex- Male/Female/Unknown
3: Phy Def- Physical Defense.  The defense against nonmagical attacks by the enemy.
4: Mag Def- Magical Defense.  The defense against magical attacks by the enemy.
5: HP- Your max HP.
6-8: LP, Tech, Magic: See above.
9: Statistics-
Str- Strength.  The amount of damage you can dish out with physical attacks.
Dex- Dexterity.  Your probability of hitting the enemy with an attack.
Spd- Speed.  Your speed in battle.  Also affects the damage you can do with a bow and (a bit) martial arts.
Con- Constitution.  Your physical hardiness.  Affects the amount of damage you sustain in battle.
Int- Intelligence.  Affects the amount of damage your magical spells do and your defense against enemy spells.
Will- Will Power.  Affects how likely you will receive a status effect, how quickly you recover, and how often your spells                               will cause status effects.
Char- Charm.  Affects how likely you can charm an enemy, and how likely you are to avoid a charm spell.
10: Weapons-
(In this order) Sword/Big Sword, Staff/Mace, Spear/Epee, Bow, Martial Arts.  The higher the number, the more effective you are with that kind of attack.
11: Magic-
The remaining two spots are for magic.  You can have two types of magic: one from the elemental category (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) and one from the cosmic category (Sun, Moon).

Mastery Of WP/JP: You know that you can master Weapons or Magic when you get a Crown next to your WP or JP of the Character. To get that Crown, you can either...

1: Have 45 WP or JP. BUT!
1.1: If you wanna master Weapons early, you must not have any magic, because, if you earn 5 JP in a row(Which is how much you earn when you first learn magic), you lose the crown and the ability to have it. You can have it later though...
You can gain the crown again if you reach 120 WP/JP with only 5 JP/WP.  After that, you'll need to not gain 5 JP/WP in a row though!
1.2: If you wanna master Magic, you must not earn 5 or more WP. It's that or you must not attack at all.

Mastery of Wazas(Techs): When a Character learns a Waza, it goes in his Waza List in the Menu. You find it in the list at the left. There 8 slots of techs, that mean 8 Techs at the same time. The one who you just learned will be Red. That do, that if you unequip it, and if you want it back, you going to need to relearn it. To prevent that, you need to Master it. To Master it, roughly, try to use it the most often possible.

How to Unequip/Equip a Tech:

(Made with Old Patch ;) )

1: Go to the Menu.
2: Choose the W( W for Waza or Weapons i guess.)
3: Pick the Character that you want to remove a Tech.
4: See the "Seal" at the Bottom of the right List? Well, place the pointer to it and push Ok
5: The pointer is at the Left List, choose the Tech you wanna remove(Preferably that is Mastered.) and push A again.

The Tech you removed, if you mastered it, should be in Category of Tech its from.(Just looks the Animation). Like, if you removed a Mastered Sword tech(Like in the Animation.), it will be in the Normal sword screen(the first one). If it was a Bow, it in the Bow screen and etc etc.
Now, if you want to get your Tech back...

1: Go to the Tech Menu.
2: Point the hand to the type of Tech you want back.
3: Open it.
4: Choose the Tech you want to get and press the A button.

Viola! You got your Tech back!