Yousei (Fairy)


Specialty: Spear and Bow

Strength 21
Dexterity 22
Speed 25
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Will 11
Charm 20
LP 7

To get the Fairy to join you, first your HP needs to be rather high.  Occasionally, you'll see a large sign in some towns designating the Traveling Circus.  Go in and see the Fairy in the middle tent.  Leave and stay the night at the inn.  During the night, choose to investigate the noises being heard, and you can rescue the Fairy.  Go to the jungle in Ake and head for the Fairy Village.  Once there, the fairy is in the uppermost room on the left tree.  Fairy won't join you just yet- instead she gives you the color of the butterflies you need to follow to get to the Fire Palace.  Return to the Fairy Village and talk to her again.  This time, she'll join up with you.

Fairy is a very good bow user, possibly the best in the game.  Fairy has very high speed and can easily wipe out entire groups of enemies with her powerful bow waza.  She's also immune to earthquake type attacks, is weak against anti-air attacks, and must always wear her scarf.  She is very powerful though, can learn spear and bow waza quickly, and is actually a very good candidate for the Ice Sword.