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I will list the names as shown in your inventory, followed by the selling price,
followed by the item class (sword/mace/etc.), type (White/Fire/Ice/etc.), and Effect (STR +5, INT +10).

You find most of these in the treasure areas, where they are generated at random. Note that a soldier can equip only 1 item, be it armor, ring, or sword. Weigh the pros and cons of having each of these. I usually go with weapons, since I tend to build a few levels here and there by standing in towns and killing whatever comes my way, and I prefer something that destroys the enemy quicker instead of drags out the battle.

Here's a legend of sorts for the abbreviations I use:
P - Physical
F - Fire
I - Ice
B - Black
W- White
E - Electric

Name Price Class Type Effect
Battle 150 Dagger Physical STR+3
Benkay 13700 Glaive Physical STR+12
Bizen 131000 Sword Black STR+11
Black 18200 Axe Black STR+18, INT-8
Black 660 Bow Black STR+3, INT+2
Black 300 Sword Physical STR+3
Boleas 37300 Axe Fire STR+17
Bolt 1780 Bow Electric STR+7
Broken 520 Sword Black STR+4
Brunhild 351900 Sword White STR+20
Death 4680 Claw Black STR+8
Demon 8800 Hammer Black STR+12, INT-4
Dragon 4200 Spear Physical STR+7
Dragon 720 Claw White STR+5
Durandal 139800 Sword Black STR+12
Dwarven 8500 Sword Electric STR+7
Eskendal 31700 Sword Fire STR+15, INT+3
Euros 132400 Sword Ice STR+15, INT+3
Evil 6500 Sword Black STR+8, INT+3
Fafhniel 153000 Sword Black STR+20, INT+4
Fire 500 Staff Fire INT+3
Flame 1200 Staff Fire STR+4
Flame 1700 Sword Fire STR+6
Heroes 12000 Sword Physical STR+11
Houlou 21000 Sword Physical STR+15
Ice 450 Sword Ice STR+3
Ice Axe 12300 Axe Ice STR+11
Ice Blade 1750 Sword Ice STR+7
Karanborg 40200 Sword White STR+17
Kukai 4310 Rod White STR+8
Kusangi 21200 Sword White STR+15
Liebel 123700 Rod White INT+14
Malachite 31200 Sword Ice STR+18, INT-4
Mikado 4600 Sword Physical STR+8
Musashi 26000 Sword Fire STR+12
Mystic 7100 Mace White STR+2, INT+7
Notos 127900 Sword Electric STR+15, INT+3
Ogre 48000 Sword Physical STR+20
Ozrich 34500 Spear Ice STR+14, INT+7
Peridat 14800 Sword Ice STR+11
Pristine 30000 Sword White STR+8, INT+10
Relic 57600 Sword Black STR+24, INT-16
Rune 25700 Axe White STR+15
Sigmund 4100 Sword Electric STR+19
Slicing 680 Sword Physical STR+4, P+9
Sonic 132000 Sword Physical STR+13
Thunder 880 Club Electric P+3, E+4
Thunder 5500 Spear Electric STR+9
Thunder 2100 Whip Electric STR+6
Zanzibar 125700 Sword White STR+18
Zepyulos 248000 Sword Black STR+15, INT+3