Ruined City

Hidden Cities - 3
Treasures - 2

Like all of the Sky maps, this one's short and not too hard. The boss is again a Dragoon, the strongest of them all, and once again he can be recruited.

Send a unit northwest of your base. Liberate Bujunbul then continue further to Muwanza at the end of the northwest road. This will stop all the flying units from reaching your base. Send two units along the eastern road until you reach the narrow strip of land separating the two main sections of the map. In the middle of that strip is a city, in which you should leave one unit. Make the other one head north along the road to Dallu Sa, then further down the road and across the river into Macald. Send the first unit north and west through the mountains (as there is a Temple hidden in a clearing there).

The enemies should be pouring out full force long before now, but this will fully contain them. Now liberate everything else (including the hidden city on the northeast island) and get the treasure. Send whoever was in the hidden Temple west around the south side of the mountains south of the enemy base. There's a third hidden city there (Louenz).

Now storm the enemy base. It's that simple.

Boss: Fogel
HP: 230 | STR: 177 | AGI: 155 | INT: 148 | CHA: 58 | ALI: 50 | LUK: 63
P: 70 | F: 56 | I: 58 | E: 62 | B: 50 | W: 50

fogel.gif (22754 bytes)Fogel is absolutely, without question, the strongest of the three Sky Knights. He comes with a Tiamat, the strongest dragon. Well, the dragon can be dealt with by utilizing a Fool card, but Fogel still remains. He is nearly invulnerable to everything. You stand the biggest chance of defeating him by means of Black or White spells, hence the two magicians and Princess in my unit.

I suggest using a Lovers card to give Fogel another source of damage (his own Tiamat) and hoping that this combined with all those spells you can cast (in the setup shown above, my unit gets 9 area-attack spells total) will be enough to bring Fogel down.

After the battle, assuming your reputation is high and you have the Star of Heroes, he will join you along with his Tiamat.