Kastolatian Sea

Hidden Cities - 10 (!)
Treasures - 0

This is a very, very difficult stage. The map is extremely open and many of the attackers are Water units, making them very fast and dangerous to anyone who tries to cross the ocean. It also makes their routes of advance very unpredictable, since your base is surrounded by water. It is likely that you will not be able to liberate every single city on this map. That's okay: you'll be able to return to it later and finish the job (since you can revisit old battlegrounds). However, there is one thing you absolutely must do before you beat the boss, and it's discussed below.

Take the city north of your base and cross to the big island to the northeast. Northeast of that there is a much smaller island that has the hidden city of Tokelau on it. If you feel you have enough time before the enemies get to you, cross the ocean to the big island (the one with the enemy base on it) and seize the Temple and the trade city of Ma'Aksaz (close to the shore). Station another unit in Tokelau, and send a third northeast of Tokelau to an island just west of Ma'Aksaz, where there is the city of Malden.

That's almost all the liberating you can do in this stage! If you have a fourth strong unit, send it to the island north of Malden to discover the city of Pahpehte. Now send your fast scout to the northwest, where there are two large islands. The bigger one has the city of Pittokya on it. The smaller one hides a Roshfallian Temple. COMB THE ENTIRE ISLAND UNTIL YOU FIND IT! When you do, you will receive the mystical sword Brunhild if your reputation is high enough. Equip it on your Lord. It will allow you to visit some really great hidden stages eventually. That's the one thing you absolutely must do in this stage.

If you want to risk it, fly around and liberate some more cities. Mull Ro' (in the southeast quadrant) is isolated enough to be considered out of the enemy routes of advance, however some straggling Mermaids may just come around to it. The same thing applies to Bipaoh, the hidden city on the easternmost island in the southeast quadrant. Definitely return to this stage after the boss is dead to liberate everything you missed.

There are eight different types of enemy units in this stage, and three of them are water units. If you encounter them in the water, they'll tear you to bits. They're still formidable on land due to the high defense of the Octopi. I hope you're packing plenty of Hermit cards...

Anyways, when you feel like beating the stage, send whoever was in Malden to Ma'Aksaz and whoever was in Ma'Aksaz along the eastern road, at the end of which is the hidden city of Tongaleb. The enemy may very well take Malden now, so be quick. Send that (strong, equipped with at least two Mages) unit from Tongaleb straight northeast into the enemy base after the next wave of enemies ends.

Boss: Porkyus
HP: 169 | STR: 123 | AGI: 127 | INT: 141 | CHA: 59 | ALI: 63 | LUK: 51
P: 34 | F: 31 | I: 60 | E: 23 | B: 47 | W: 62

In comparison with the overall difficulty of the stage itself, Porkyus isn't overly hard. She has a tag team of four Mermaids, however they're fighting you on land, to their disadvantage. A Fool card would help, however if you don't have one use Hermit. Hermit's attack is Electric and Mermaids are very weak to it. This, in addition to whatever attacks your Mages dish out, should be more than enough to waste them.