Pogrom Forest

Hidden Cities - 2
Treasures - 2

This is a bigger and what's worse, more open map. Open maps are the worst in Ogre Battle, since there's no way to jam up the flow of enemies. However, the computer is predictable and won't be too creative in its movement patterns, at least not this early in the game. Send a strong unit to the Temple just southwest of your base and another strong unit south along the eastern edge of the map to the trade town of Lolaima (northwest of which, by the way, is treasure).

Now send the first unit southwest across the huge forest to the lone Temple at the end of the river. A large portion of the enemy will be coming through here, so this will effectively stop most of them. Send the second unit southwest of Lolaima into Rhodnia, west across the bridge, around the mountains (in order to liberate the Temple there), and across the river into Melanion. This is the enemy's other road to your base.

Unfortunately, it's not as clear cut enemy-wise as you might like. You'll meet the Undead. Generally, the Undead suck as attackers, so don't use them. However, they're invincible to absolutely everything (well, almost). There are two things you can do to kill them (and both of them kill them in one hit). The other is to equip weapons containing White Magic on your fighters. One such weapon is the Mystic Mace. You'll get one if you liberate Alagoyas, the hidden city on the other side of the river at the northern end. If you're lucky you'll have found another such weapon (e.g. Rune Axe, Karanborg) in the treasure spots prior to this level. The other, much more effective weapon, is a Cleric. A Cleric placed in the back row, with Tactics set to anything but Strong (and you've set them permanently to Leader anyway) will cast Healing on the Undead and kill them all with one shot. If you have neither, then you have only one approach left: if the enemy unit does not have an Undead leader, focus on the leader. You'll be able to kill him and the unit will have to retreat.

In between waves of enemies, send your first strong unit (the one at the Temple) southwest and across the river into Acre. This will dam up the enemy's advance almost entirely and you'll be able to liberate everything else in relative peace. There's a hidden city (Para) in the very northwestern corner of the map, in a straight line west from Alagoyas, and a city called Vyer south of Para. If you have a low reputation, you'll get an Evil Censer in Vyer, and this can be exchanged for the Sentoul Demon in Para. Hoard the Sentoul Demons. Do not sell them. They are the key to your getting the most powerful magic units in the game later. You'll be exchanging them for the items that allow you to create Sorcerers and Liches.

Now get the other treasure (found by going west in a straight line from the southeasternmost Temple). Now send whatever unit was in Acre into Goyas, the enemy base, and meet Kapella, some random evil guy who'll give a big speech.

Boss: Kapella
HP: 116 | STR: 63 | AGI: 81 | INT:103 | CHA:57 | ALI: 32 | LUK: 48
P: 24 | F: 34 | I: 35 | E: 38 | B: 51 | W: 29

kapella.GIF (23689 bytes)This is probably the first boss fight in the game that isn't stupidly simple. Kapella is well-shielded in the back, so your melee fighters won't get to him too easily. If you use the Leader tactic, however, your spellcasters will, and hopefully this will be enough to take him out. He's a Mage, so he'll use one very powerful magic attack that will affect your entire unit. Attacks like the Samurai's Iainuki (back row attack) are great to use. If you plan to use Tarot cards, use a Fool to eliminate the Imps. If you don't have one, a Moon will place him right in the front rank.