Sharom District

Hidden Cities - 2
Treasures - 3

This stage contains one very important secret: the character Canopus. Canopus is instrumental to getting the best ending in the game, but the way to get him to join you is complicated.

First, waste no time in sending a strong unit down the southwest road and another down the southeast one. On the southwest road, liberate the city of Vannu along the way, keep going down the road and liberate Latingur, a city with a shop, then stay put. On the southeast road, liberate the Roshfallian Temple, then continue down the road to the city of Sagebard, then southwest and across the bridge to the city of Chang'Ga, then stay put. You've now seized the two main roads leading to your base, and 99% of the enemies will be stopped at either of those two locations. Keep your Lord at the base though just in case some sneak by.

Send a unit west across the sea until you get to the big northwestern island. Search the northern shoreline for some treasure, and liberate the city of Bah'Wahl. There you will meet Canopus who will laugh at you. Make whichever unit is stationed at Chang'Ga go south across the bridge to find and liberate the hidden city of Lenikan, then return to its post. Finally, make the unit that was on the northwestern island move south across the chain of small islands (the biggest one in which has treasure), and southwest once it reaches land. Do not come near the enemy base yet! Instead, go to the end of the little road that branches off of the network of roads near the enemy base and leads to a dead end west. There is a Roshfallian Temple there, in which you shall meet Canopus's sister.

Once you have liberated all the cities, including the hidden ones, and if you have a moderately high reputation, Canopus's sister will give you the Wing of Victory. Take it back to Bah'Wahl and Canopus will join you. Find the last treasure (it's in the southeastern corner) and send your strongest unit to the enemy base. If it's Canopus's unit then Gilbert, the enemy leader and Canopus's former friend, will have a chat with Canopus. Either way, you have to fight Gilbert.

Boss: Gilbert
HP: 120 | STR: 79 | AGI: 70 | INT:56 | CHA:53 | ALI: 54 | LUK: 46
P: 44 | F: 28 | I: 31 | E: 35 | B: 46 | W: 34

Gilbert comes with two level 6 Wyrms, one in the front row and one in the back. This is not a hard fight; your spellcasters will focus on him if you have the Leader tactic on and in the time allotted your fighters should be able to kill the Wyrm in front and finish off Gilbert. Even if you don't finish the job and lose the fight, just head back quickly before the enemies recover all their HP.

After the fight, you will have an option to spare Gilbert. Spare him and he will join you along with Canopus. You'll have gained two strong characters and come closer to getting the best ending.