Hidden Cities - 5
Treasures - 1

You will meet Gares in this stage. Frequently. Clone after clone of Gares will be knocking on your door, and you'll have to keep on killing him over and over. You'll need to find the source of his clones and neutralize it. Also, liberating the cities here won't cause your reputation to decrease like it did in Xanadu. Also note that your starting base is Xanadu.

Send two units north and one northwest, and keep a fourth in your base to help out the Lord against Gares. The northbound units should liberate the Temple and the city next to it (Almalge). Then, one of them should proceed north to Dalna (the city bounded by the river and the mountains) and the other should continue northeast along the road to Shahat, and north of that across the bridge to Albunba, then stay there.

Your northwest-bound unit should find its way onto the big western island, part snow, part plains. There are three hidden cities on it and one on the small island south of it: use Crystals to find them, search it manually, or look in the Maps section of this shrine. You'll find in one of those cities the ghost of a Paladin that Gares killed.

Speaking of Gares, his clones will keep coming at you. His unit is always the same: Gares with two Wyrms for fast travel. He will sometimes stop at Dalna but more often attack your main base. To put an end to the clones, find the source. Search the northeastern corner of the map, since there is a hidden Temple in the clearing there. In the Temple you will find Gares' true form. He will laugh at you and run away, but the clones will stop coming.

With the western island, Dalna and Albunba secure, liberate everything else but don't come near the enemy base. Soon the Imperial capital will run out of money. You may wish to spend a day or two here to build up your cash supply; you'll need at least a million Goth for the preparations for the final stage. Once everything but Zeteginea itself is secure, send a unit into the enemy base. Endora will appear and rant at you, then offer you a place beside her. Refuse.

Boss: Empress Endora
HP: 287

endora.gif (23134 bytes)Endora isn't easy to beat. However, there is no one in her front rank, meaning your melee fighters can reach her easily. The Evil Ones with her are no problem. She, however, will cast powerful Firewall spells on you, which shall do around 100 points of damage. If the first one misses or you feel that you can easily take a second, keep swinging, otherwise heal with an Empress card.

Card-wise, an Empress for healing is all you need. Your spellcasters should be powerful enough by now to take her out by themselves. White Magic helps as well, in the form of Princess or Seraphim spells as well as the ever-useful Judgment cards.