City of Xanadu

Hidden Cities - 4
Treasures - 10 (!)

You will find this map to be extremely hard for one sole reason: the citizens here have been brainwashed by propaganda and they really, really hate you. Thus, whenever you liberate a city, your reputation will go down. This effect will go away when you beat the stage boss, but it provides a problem. The answer is not to liberate anything. You will suffer cash losses, but you should have over a million Goth by now, enough to take a deficit for a few days.

With my strategy, you'll only need to deploy three strong units on this map. Deploy one and keep him in your base to help out the Lord. Send the other along the road leading northeast and follow it as it curves north and northwest. You should stop at the city of Pillabol. It is the fifth city along that road, counting the Temple next to your base (note: along the road, not on a branch of the road). Liberate Pillabol, take a reputation drop and stay there to heal.

The third unit should go northwest of your base (not liberating anything) and cross the river. Once it's in the northern half of the map, send it into Anna Pol, the city south of the enemy base. Now send whoever was in Pillabol to Anna Pol as well and use one of them to attack Xanadu. You might want to add Rauny to that unit, although you don't have to.

Boss: Supreme Commander Hikash
HP: 275 | STR: 212 | AGI: 185 | INT: 181 | CHA: 64 | ALI: 72 | LUK: 50
P: 53 | F: 41 | I: 46 | E: 40 | B: 26 | W: 54

hikash.gif (24171 bytes)The Generals are gone, and their superior officer, the head of the Imperial Army, Commander Hikash remains. The Muses in the back will hit you with four casts of Thunder, which can severely cripple you and is a serious threat when coupled with Hikash's very strong physical attack. Use a Fool card.

With Hikash alone, he is easy. Several casts of Phantom will bring him down. You may want to add Rauny to whomever you want to fight Hikash because she is his daughter, and you can be noble and give them a chance to say good-bye to each other.

After the stage is clear, you can go back and liberate everything and your reputation will no longer decrease. You can also get the numerous treasure at that time.