Kulyn Shrine

Hidden Cities - 9
Treasures - 4

This is a very open map with many hidden cities. Once more, you won't be able to find and liberate everything, so return to this stage once you've defeated the boss and find everything.

Everything in the southern half of the map is probably safe from enemy attack, as what will be attacked the most is your base and the city of Angua to its northeast. Seize Angua quickly. There are 5 other cities in the southern part of the map that are yours to take. In Lon Lo Qu, on the southwesternmost island, a thief will offer you a temptation which you should refuse, as accepting lowers your reputation. On the island north of Lon Lo Qu, there is a hidden Temple where you can pay 150,000 bucks for the Boleas weapon (not worth it unless you want the Fireseal, which you shouldn't).

The enemy will include Mermaids and Krakens, as well as the more conventional Raven Men. Have a strong unit in the base along with the Lord to help him out. As quickly as you can, send a unit straight north of Angua all the way to the enemy base. You will encounter considerable opposition, and in the water no less, however this unit should contain your best spellcasters, and they won't have too much difficulty mopping the ocean floor with the enemy. Assault the enemy base.

Boss: General Luvalon
HP: 276 | STR: 206 | AGI: 212 | INT: 179 | CHA: 65 | ALI: 62 | LUK: 51
P: 68 | F: 24 | I: 67 | E: 73 | B: 63 | W: 61

luvalon.gif (23915 bytes)The last of the Generals is an honorable man and you should have good manners when fighting him. Therefore, use no Tarots, although you're not prohibited from doing so. The Samurai in front will do little damage to some high-powered melee fighters, and the two in the back rank present a medium threat. Luvalon is vulnerable to Fire, so your regular spellcasters should have no problem with him. (Note that I have two Liches by now. With the Princess that means they get a total of eight casts of Firewall, something that Luvalon cannot withstand.)
After the battle, if you return to the former enemy base, Knight Percival will hand you the Holy Grail provided that your reputation and conduct in the fight with Luvalon warrants it.