Fort Shulamana

Hidden Cities - 1
Treasures - 2

I found this stage to be very hard. The enemy comes hard and fast, and chances are you will not be able to liberate everything on this map. If you take the time to do so, you can find the sword Notos in the Temple on the western island and a reputation-determined prize in the city of Orappa, west of your base. But this is not really worth pursuing, so follow my strategy instead.

Send a unit south of your base and liberate the first three cities along the way (the third being Preton, near the southern edge). From there move west to the next city, Habolone, and stay there. Meanwhile, a second unit should be moving southwest of your base along the western shore to Ochiwalo. A third unit should be crossing the mountains directly. There is a hard to find hidden Temple in a clearing north of Habolone, where you will get the sword Fahfneil.

That's all you can do. Most of the enemies should be attacking Ochiwalo and Habolone by now. They are strong: Undead, Muses, Cockatris, Evil Ones and Sorcerers as well as Tiamat are common. As quickly as you can, move whoever was in the Temple southwest to the road that leads to the enemy base from the southeast. Assault the enemy base now but make sure to return to liberate everything else later. Get the treasure later too.

Boss: General Previa
HP: 258 | STR: 200 | AGI: 206 | INT: 174 | CHA: 60 | ALI: 34 | LUK: 54
P: 51 | F: 54 | I: 43 | E: 27 | B: 72 | W: 52

previa.gif (24292 bytes)This is the third of the four Imperial Generals. A Fool card would be useful here, and Lovers even more so. Those Devils in the back will cast Meteor, a very strong spell. Previa himself will attack with powerful slashes approaching 100 damage. The Raven Men in front are no problem.

If you don't have a Fool or Lovers card, use a healing card after Meteor is cast. If you have units capable of casting White spells (my Princess) they will decimate the enemy, including Previa. Support from spellcasters will finish him off. A Judgment card will help if you don't have a Princess or any Seraphim. After winning, you'll get the Mystic Armband.