The Ryhan Sea

Hidden Cities - 2
Treasures - 5

This is a medium-difficulty stage. Your success depends on your speed, and if you're fast enough then your victory is guaranteed almost from the start.

Send three units out of your base. Send one along the east road (following that to the end, where there is the city of Pulwatt, where that unit should stay) and two along the west. Along the west road, liberate Babaltz, move west then north along the road, and station one of the units in Selam, the city at the road's end. Send the second unit north across the water, tear through the enemies and hope to get to Raiyagam, the city just south of the enemy base, before the unit dies.

Most of the enemies should take the western route, which you have well guarded. A few may take the eastern, which you have guarded. Some may take the southern straight to your base, but you're guarding that path too. So you've basically won, assuming you were fast enough to get that far that quick. Post another unit in your base just in case some enemies had time to come through.

Between waves of enemies, send whoever is in Pulwatt north across the river to Dantcast, the city on the road leading east out of the enemy base. Now send a scout to liberate everything you missed, treasure included. There's a hidden Temple in a clearing in the mountains south of your base, and another hidden Temple on an island directly west from Raiyagam. With this done, head into the enemy base.

Boss: High Monk Randals
HP: 282 | STR: 153 | AGI: 195 | INT: 195 | CHA: 59 | ALI: 39 | LUK: 45
P: 28 | F: 47 | I: 41 | E: 30 | B: 51 | W: 29

randals.gif (23959 bytes)Remember Baron Apros from Malano? Well, this is the other Baron in the game, and he attacks just like Apros. He will use two Phantom spells. Try to kill him before the second.

His entire unit is vulnerable to a nice Judgment card. A White-affiliated unit such as my Princess will exploit his weakness in that regard, but Mages, Sorcerers and Liches will hit him where it hurts as well with their area-attack Physical spell (Acid). The Evil Ones are not a problem. Should your unit come close to death after the first cast of Phantom, however, use an Empress card to fully heal it in time before the second.