Fort Allamoot

Hidden Cities - 4
Treasures - 4

I truly hope that you haven't gotten used to the easy stages. Fort Allamoot is hard. The bosses are two members of a Unique class (Gemini). The map is huge and wide open. There is a very elusive Chaos Gate here. And you'll need around 10 strong units if you want to liberate everything on this map before fighting the bosses, which is thankfully unnecessary.

First of all, the Chaos Gate, before I forget. To find it, go to the southwest corner into the big desert. Then slowly head east from the desert, still following the southern edge of the map. You should come across a small patch of Plains with a small wall there. Enclosed within is the Gate.

As I said, liberating everything on this map is impossible if you have only around 4 or 5 strong units. Fortunately, you can go back later and find everything, but you may experience some negative cash flow in this map. If you're worried about that, sell something.

Anyhoo, send two units along each of the roads leading away from your base. Have one unit liberate Balfaht, the city at the end of the western road, and stay there. Have the other liberate Tolhyo, south of your base, Killig A, southwest from Tolhyo, and then head west across the water until you reach a small island with a city (Tekshiga) and some mountains, east of a Temple. Liberate that and stay there.

Now deploy three more units. Send one to Minach T, the city south and across the water of Tekshiga. Send another to a small island west of Balfaht, where there is the city of Stun Cre. Send the third to Stun Cre, then southwest across the mountains (NOT liberating the city there) into the desert. Liberate the city by the small oasis (El Rosar).

The enemies will be hard, fast and annoying. Cockatris will petrify your units and do around 50 points of Physical damage, Muses will repeatedly cast Thunder, and you'll meet Mages as well. Unless your units can withstand this, and even if they can, proceed at maximum speed.

If you can make the enemy exhaust its supply of money somehow, then quickly run around and liberate everything before they get more and send more enemies. But the best way is just to head south into the enemy base right after reaching El Rosar.

Boss: Castor
HP: 275 | STR: 200 | AGI: 154 | INT: 120 | CHA: 54 | ALI: 40 | LUK: 45
P: 48 | F: 27 | I: 35 | E: 39 | B: 50 | W: 30
Boss: Polydeuces
HP: 275 | STR: 210 | AGI: 147 | INT: 132 | CHA: 58 | ALI: 60 | LUK: 55
P: 32 | F: 53 | I: 45 | E: 41 | B: 50 | W: 30

gemini.gif (22792 bytes)Meet the Gemini twins. They are the only representatives of their Unique class, and they are very bad news. One of them will hit you with lovely area-attack spells like Nova and the other will, well, be just as much trouble. What's worse, after a while they will combine bodies to do their Gemini attack, which is guaranteed to destroy your unit in one hit. Ouch.

The goal is to kill at least one of them in the first round. If you do so, he won't be revived in the second, and thus the Gemini attack will not occur. But why kill one when you can kill both? Just use those Joker items until you have a nice stock of Tarot cards such as Magician, Hermit and Tower. Use two or three and the Gemini twins will be sufficiently weakened for your spellcasters to quickly finish them off.