Balmorian Ruins

Hidden Cities - 1
Treasures - 4

The map is wide open and the enemy base is on an island. It would seem that they would take the long route, through all the roads and cities, making it wise to take all the bridges, but in my case they didn't. Read on for the details.

Move three strong units north until you reach Vaskalla (near a bridge). Leave one unit there. Send the other north to Sahnfan (at the end of the road) and leave it there. Send the third west along the road to Shik'Ahn (near a bridge).

It would be logical to assume that most of the enemies would come from the west via Shik'Ahn. But they didn't when I played. Shik'Ahn was attacked from the north (the mountains) a few times, which is why it's still necessary to defend. However, more than 75% of the enemy units went straight southeast from their base, through the island city of Kannyate, and east into Sel'Pasc, and from there to Sahnfan and Vaskalla, which you should be guarding.

You should make it to Sahnfan just as the first enemies arrive there. Fight them off. You will face Undead (4 Skeletons in a unit). You will also face up to three Samurai at a time, and tag teams of annoying Witches with Shamans. You'll face some Mermaids, too, but now that you're this far into the game, they're nothing but sad.

Between waves of these enemies, send a fourth unit north of Vaskalla and northeast of Sahnfan to Sel'Pasc, the city on the shore. This will stop most of the enemies, but a few will still get through to Sahnfan. Meanwhile, send whoever was in Shik'Ahn along the road, liberating Ayak Cho, Kolopuhn, and finally Chinncha on that shore. By now the enemy should be running out of funds and units. Scout around and find all the treasure, and liberate Wan Kayo in the northeast corner. Also find the Chaos Gate (on the island just southeast of Wan Kayo). Liberate anything you've missed except for the Temple and city south of the enemy base. Find the hidden city of Kalyao, southwest of Shik'Ahn at the end of the road.

Now move whoever was in Chinncha to the Temple. You'll hear about how Saradin the Mage was turned to stone. Move whoever was in Sel'Pasc west into Kannyate, and re-enter the city of Kalyao. If your reputation is high, you have the Star of Heroes, and you liberated everything on this map (including the Temples) except for the enemy base, you'll get the Bell of Light. Re-enter the Temple south of the enemy base and Saradin will be freed. He (a Mage) will join you. Now assault Balmoa, the enemy base.

Boss: Albeleo
HP: 158 | STR: 102 | AGI: 153 | INT: 153 | CHA: 62 | ALI: 70 | LUK: 48
P: 26 | F: 47 | I: 41 | E: 29 | B: 21 | W: 59

albeleo.GIF (23383 bytes)Albeleo can be difficult since he gets to cast a strong attack (Acid) twice, but he can be killed. First of all, the Rock Golem is a terrible soldier. It will fall in a few seconds. The Black Dragon should be killed by your melee units (two Paladins' six attacks should be enough). That leaves only the Doll Master on their side, and up to three other units for yours.

Like always, use Sorcerers. Their Phantom attack will take off around 40 of Albeleo's points. Four casts (which is what two Sorcerers get) and he's dead. Add another unit to the back with a good attack just in case. I recommend a Samurai Master, as his Iainuki will hit Albeleo, who is weak versus Physical attacks, for at least 70 damage.