Valley of Kastro

Hidden Cities - 0
Treasures - 2

This is a large map, and can be somewhat hard because of this. There is a character here named Rauny. She is a Muse and if you have a high reputation, she'll join you. You should definitely take the time to find her.

There are three paths the enemy will attack from: the north (mainly), the south (sometimes), and the center (occasionally). Send two strong units north of your base and walk along the northern shore of the river until you get to Yangully and Shaf'Za, two cities, one of which is right below the other. Seize them both. Send two more units south of your base to the city of Fuluhnze, then west of that, across the river, to the city of Geral Ab (north of the only island on the map, near some mountains). Leave one in that city and send the other southwest to the Temple. There you will meet Rauny, and she will join you depending on your reputation.

The enemy will attack now, mainly coming via the northern path, although some may take the southern route through that Temple. Geral Ab will see the occasional flying enemy as well. The enemies here will quickly fall to magic, although some, like Cerberi, can be annoying and dodge melee attacks. The Cockatris enemies can be annoying because they'll turn your soldiers to stone, but they have no good followup attacks. By now your four strong units should greatly outclass anything the enemy can throw at you.

Eventually send whoever was occupying the Temple where you met Rauny west to another Temple and the city of Allmata. Liberate them both and stay in the city. Find the Chaos Gate with a scout; it's in a clearing in the southeast mountains. Also find the treasure and wait until the enemy runs out of money and all attacks cease.

Now send your two northern units west to the city of Felgahnn. Leave one there and send the other southwest to Tash Kent, the enemy base.

Boss: Ares
HP: 215 | STR: 142 | AGI: 167 | INT: 145 | CHA: 56 | ALI: 38 | LUK: 62
P: 40 | F: 70 | I: 46 | E: 47 | B: 69 | W: 21

ares.GIF (23766 bytes)This boss is pathetic. He only gets one attack, Inferno. This is a Fire-based attack that will hit one soldier, probably in the back row, for average to high damage. The Ninja in the back gets two magic attacks, but they miss rather often, and the front-row Ninja attacks are weak. Fight this rabble during the day to take full advantage of their low ALI. Angels will do high damage to Ares from the back row, but with a party of Sorcerers you won't need them. After four spells the Ninjas should be either dead or very close to it, allowing your melee fighters to finish them and Ares off. If you can't beat them without Tarot cards, use any area-attack cards except Magician (due to Ares' high Fire affinity). Judgment works nicely.