Hidden Cities - 5
Treasures - 3

Organa is tougher to complete than Muspelm. The map is bigger, there are more hidden cities and the enemy route of advance varies a bit. But still it's nothing compared to some of the larger maps.

Basically, this is simple and clear-cut. You must get to Mogand and Rugannah, the two cities on each side of the enemy base, before you get attacked by enemies. Send your two strongest units northwest to these cities. They'll have to traverse mountains and rivers, so you may not get there in time. Hopefully if you meet enemies halfway you'll be able to fight them off long enough to reach your destination. Meanwhile, send a third unit to Ohbia (northeast of your base) and a fourth to Wageel (west of it). This will serve as defense should your two units fail to reach their destinations.

Assuming you reached Mogand and Rugannah, you've pretty much won. The enemies will attack from both sides but hopefully they won't break through. I say "hopefully" because they're stronger than in Muspelm. You'll meet Demons (think two upgrades above Imps) and Dragoners (very special Beast Masters), as well as Cerberi, upgrades to Hellhounds which for some reason dodge attacks a lot. But nothing that a party well equipped with magic can't handle. Sorcerers will tear them all to bits.

Meanwhile, send a flying scout around the map and liberate everything else. This means Baldella (west of Wageel), the Chaos Gate northwest of it, the hidden Temple just west of the small southeastern island, Denbi, a hidden city on the large eastern island, the Temple on the small island west of it, the hidden city on the island north of that, and the hidden city on the far northeast island, as well as the treasure. Phew.

When the routine procedures are done, feel free to enter the enemy base and spar with Fenril, the female Dragoon who was banished to the sky for having a little too much faith in mankind.

Boss: Fenril
HP: 176 | STR: 102 | AGI: 153 | INT: 153 | CHA: 62 | ALI: 70 | LUK: 48
P: 70 | F: 56 | I: 58 | E: 62 | B: 50 | W: 50

fenril.GIF (22486 bytes)Fenril is nothing compared to Slust. She's still a very strong Dragoon, but she only comes with a pathetic Iron Golem who will possibly last five seconds under magic fire. She uses Iainuki once, and it is very strong, but it won't kill you.

Use the same unit you used for Slust - the one with the Sorcerers. As you can see from this screenshot, my unit gets six magical attacks (two from each soldier in the back). This should be more than enough to end the Golem's life and defeat Fenril. If for some reason it isn't just heal your unit and charge again before she recovers her HP. Tarot cards are unnecessary here.

Like Slust, Fenril shall join you provided that you have a high reputation and the Star of Heroes after the battle.