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Tarot Cards
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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards
These are special items. Their effects vary. You can only have 14 at a time, and there are 22 in all. You start the game with eight and you get one each time you liberate a town. A Joker item, if bought, will act as a random card when used. Also, when taking a card after liberating a town, there will be a certain effect on the liberating unit (indicated in parentheses).



0-fool.GIF (2284 bytes)

All enemies in a unit except for the leader run away. Useful in boss battles. (LUK +1)
1-magician.GIF (2646 bytes) A strong fire attack on all enemies. (INT +1)
2-priestess.GIF (2725 bytes) Heals everyone in your unit by 50 HP. (ALI +1)
3-empress.GIF (2641 bytes) Recovers more HP than Priestess. (CHA +2)
4-emperor.GIF (2595 bytes) Gives everyone in your unit one extra attack. (CHA +2)
5-hierophant.GIF (2740 bytes) Sends all enemies to sleep. (ALI +2)
6-lovers.GIF (2317 bytes) Enemies attack each other. (Reputation +2)
7-chariot.GIF (2299 bytes) Strong attack against all enemies. (STR +2)
8-strength.GIF (2564 bytes) Raises defense. (STR +1)
9-hermit.GIF (2628 bytes) Powerful lightning attack against all enemies. (INT +2)
10-fortune.GIF (2505 bytes) Makes all enemies run away (Reputation + OR - 1-3)
11-justice.GIF (2247 bytes) Ice attack against all enemies. (HP +1)
12-hangedman.GIF (2604 bytes) Lowers enemy defense. (STR -1)
13-death.GIF (2320 bytes) Instant death for the enemy. (Reputation -2)
14-temperance.GIF (2619 bytes) Recovers status. (Reputation +2)
15-devil.GIF (2241 bytes) Strong attack against all enemies. (Reputation -1)
16-tower.GIF (2904 bytes) Earthquake attack. (ALI -2)
17-star.GIF (2515 bytes) Increases Agility. (AGI +1)
18-moon.GIF (2564 bytes) Switches enemy back and front ranks. (Night time begins)
19-sun.GIF (2302 bytes) Devastating to all characters with low ALI, even yours. (High noon begins)
20-judgment.GIF (2579 bytes) Powerful holy attack against all enemies. Slaughters the Undead. (HP +2)
21-world.GIF (2495 bytes) Raises magic defense. (Effects of future tarot cards affect all deployed units)